Joey Liaw     7/2/01
Tom Hall     6/30/01
Brian Eiserloh     6/28/01
Jake Hughes     6/28/01
Christopher L. Bruce     5/31/01

     Bipidri Side Quest solution
     First Look
     Upcoming Content
     Interview with Convergence
     slicer leaves DXMP

Eye On Stormtroopers

Solution for finding the Red Bipidri   16:22 PST  by Gwog
Since so many people are asking about it, and very clearly don't want to wait for me to figure it out on my own for the walkthrough :), Steve Sweitzer figured he'd help out. He sent in tips on how to find all 8 of the little suckers, and we've posted up the solutions here.

Anachronox First Look from RPGPlanet   16:16 PST  by Gwog
RPGPlanet has posted a first look article where Kyote talks about the first little chunk of the game. It seems fairly positive, despite bad data such as "Anachronox... has finally arrived on store shelves after numerous, well-publicized delays" (ION Storm never announced a release date except for the one where it was actually released, so how could there have been delays? It just took a long time. Big difference.)

Colorful and different as it is, the game's graphics are not its strongest point. The aged Quake 2 engine has been tweaked to its max, but only the open-minded need apply for Anachronox, as you won't find the next Vampire, Ultima IX, or Neverwinter Nights here, graphically speaking.

On the way from PlanetAnachronox   16:09 PST  by Gwog
Hey everyone, wanted to quickly list what's on the way. Man it's tough to work when all you want to do is play this kickass game...

  • Some images from ION artist and forum regular Travis Doggett, made for the strat guide but never used
  • Detailed Elementor FAQ
  • Sender Station Part 2 walkthrough including Rho's Quest (done, just needs to be formatted
  • Interview with Will Nevins, former sound guy for Anachronox
  • New polls and poll-based editorials (yawn :P)
Stay tuned! Thanks for so many community members helping out by sending in tips, POTDs, missed walkthrough items, and more. You guys rock!

Interview with Convergence   11:48 PST  by Despot
Okay, peeps, let's turn on the Spotlight once again, and take a look at The Convergence Mod...the lead, Raison "Straius" Varner, was good enough to answer a bunch of questions we sent his way, and the results have been posted here. A quotsie for ya:

[PlanetDeusEx] You've revealed three characters from the game so far. Will there be more in the finished project?

[Convergance] Unfortunately these are the only 3 main characters that will be available to play as. Building a Co-Op mod is new territory and we quickly realized that maps developed for multiple players are going to have to be designed differently. There are so many more possibilities available now that 3 people will be working together simultaneously. It becomes extremely difficult to control the flow of a map and keep a balance between the map becoming too hard or too easy. It's because of this factor that we have limited the number of players to 3.
Note: that's Convergence, not Convergance. Not that we ever make that mistake, you understand.

slicer leaves DXMP   11:22 PST  by Despot
Sad news for the DXMP crowd: slicer has decided to Leave--see his Official Departure post here. Bah. Humbug. Phooey. :(

Maybe when Deus Ex 2 comes out, eh slice?


FM Screenies   14:23 PST  by Despot
Contrary to popular belief, resident review writer frobber has not been abducted by aliens: he's merely been toiling away on his new FM project, "Hallucination." Here's the basic background:

Garrett is sick. In fact he is dying, and there is no antidote in this world that can save him. A ghost from the past, however, seems quite keen on helping him along. It seems that Garrett has until midnight to find his way into the back of the new Hammerite cathedral where the chief alchemist, one young Karras, has been studying a strange device there -- and through this device Garrett can be transported to a place where it is possible to reverse the effects of the poison. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, given how the "study" of the transport device has caused quite a ruckus among the Hammerite higher-ups. Tonight the Hammers plan to conduct a cleansing ceremony and then destroy the device at the last stroke of midnight -- which clearly will doom our hero.
And some comments by the Author:
Hallucination is genuinely a timed mission. The midnight witching-hour is real, and if Garrett does not leave this world before the last stroke of midnight the transport device will be actually be destroyed and he will actually die. On Normal, Garrett has more than two hours to succeed. On Hard and Expert, there is just over one hour for Garrett to get where he must go. It should be a hell of a ride -- since there is a war going on between those who wish to destroy the transport device and those who wish to save it. And because the FM designer has total control over the clock -- the player will not be able to permanently clean out an area, or even predict what will happen next.
And finally, we have 9 sweet-looking screenies from the FM to whet your appetite further.

New Mod: DX Tempus   13:44 PST  by Despot
BackDoorBandit from has posted a Help Wanted noticed for a new Mod, DX Tempus. So, firstly, the mod needs help. Drop Jonas Waever a line if you can help out. Secondly, it's a new mod, so say "Hello" and read the following story blurb:

Tempus is a singleplayer modification for Deus Ex. You are Kelvin Keith Kessler, a newly employed agent for the Temporal Police Department (TPD). You have only been working for the TPD for three days - meanwhile getting the best score on the evaluation course in the history of the timepolice - when you are called upon to disable three timebeacons, set up by the coalition of timepirates known as The Organization for unknown purposes. Timebeacons are devices that redirects all timetravellers to a location within 1 mile from it's own position. You must go back to the year 1300, to the year 2000 and to the year 2700 to disable all the timebeacons. Why are they set up, and what will be the exciting conclusion to the story ('cause it doesn't end there)?

Poll #13 results, and new Poll #14   11:27 PST  by Gwog
Right on schedule (*cough*) is PlanetDeusEx's latest poll action. We've posted the results from Poll #13 asking which woman from DX you prefer (featuring topical, witty, and incisive commentary from Gwog, #planetdeus regular Nathan Keogh, and the always loveable insane Ghandaiah).

And now for something completely different. Poll #14, with more dopey questions about Deus Ex stuff!

Poll #14: Best type of weapon is...
And no, the pen is not mightier than the sword. But four LAMs and an Assault rifle are!

Massive walkthrough update   5:30 PST  by Gwog
Well, the work on the Anachronox walkthrough continues. We've added three new sections for Sunder, Votowne, and the Verilent Hive. Additionally we've rewritten the Sender Station Part 1 guide to fix all the errors brought about since it was originally written using an alpha version of the game. I'm especially interested in feedback for these new parts on small pickups laying around the levels that I missed, so if you know of any then drop me an email.


PC Gamer UK DX2/T3 coverage   11:44 PST  by Despot
Following up on PCGamer's story on the upcoming ION Storm Austin games, PC Gamer UK has put up a similar, much more Thief-centric article by none other then Kieron "Brem X Jones" Gillen, of the Deus Ex mod The Cassandra Project and various ramblings on the TTLG forums.

The article has been scanned and the links are in this newspost.

Anachronox Demo walkthrough   9:40 PST  by Gwog
Thrillhouse figured he'd help out some of you who might be having a bit of trouble with the recently released Anox demo, so he sent us this walkthrough that covers the two sections of the demo (Whitendon and Levant).

SOF Texture pack for Daikatana   5:36 PST  by Gwog
Whoa! Saddle up that 28.8 modem and get in line to download something cool... [QE]Destroyer has converted a ton of Soldier of Fortune textures for use in Daikatana (20 MB). Soldier of Fortune was one of Raven Software's big shooters last year, in case you live under a rock, and had a lot of great art, so be sure to smack some of it into your DK levels.

More Anachronox reviews   5:15 PST  by Gwog
From here on in we'll just list these out (with no snotty comments :P), and be sure to email us if you see one we missed;


Got Ghand contest: One week left   23:18 PST  by Ghandaiah
Hey hey! There's only one week left until the inevitable end of the official Got Ghand contest. Yeah! You! I'm talking to you! Come on, you wanna start something? Eh?

Huh? ...Why do you ask? ... Be more specific.

Uh-huh. So if you haven't already done something for the contest (why haven't you, st00pid h3d?), then check out the details, and, erm, uh... make something! And send it in! To my mailbox! Where... my mail... goes... usually... ah... AHHHH! ANTS! THERE ARE ANTS IN THE BREAD BOX! GET THEM OU-

*Technical difficulties. Please stand by.*


Anachronox demo released   20:25 PST  by Gwog
Ok here you go, grab the Anachronox Demo from Fileplanet:

The file is 96.8 MB, and we'll post more details once we get 'em, but get to downloadin!


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