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Vahl sent us in this shot of a PPM he's working on for UT. Can anyone help him with animating?
Archive / Submit
The Dirt:
GameSurge interviews James Parkman of Legend Entertainment on Level Design.

The Fuzz, a UT mod is still looking for help in coding, mapping, etc.

Bunny Bomber
The Nucleus Happenings
Strike Force Updates
Interview With RealTournament's mouse
UT Charity Event!

   Wed · Jul 11 · 2001
  Bunny Bomber - modsquad
7/11/01 13:14 PST - UT Modifications
Kangus, over at Weapons of Destruction, is cooking up another weapon mutator for you guys. Currently in the works, it's called Bunny Bomber. From the looks of it, the weapon seems involve using bunnies as ammunition. Quite sick, and yet somehow quite original and exciting ;) I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  The Nucleus Happenings - -SpArKy-
7/11/01 3:38 PST - PlanetUnreal Happenings
Deahbliss from The Nucleus just sent in word that hes added a new addition to his already cool website. This new addition is actually in the shape of a new member FreekBoyG, who's into skinning. Gene "FreekBoyG" Sprague along with Ed "FrAgEd" Hayes are also the authors of the excellent CTF-MorpheusCity which was reviewed by Deathbliss himself over at The UT underground. So, why not stop on by and send a nice welcome to the new guy.

  Strike Force Updates - -SpArKy-
7/11/01 3:30 PST - UT Modifications
Strike Force Center has a couple of new updates to check out. They've dumped a bunch of info on gameplay enhancements being worked into the upcoming 1.65 release. The other interesting thing is related to a new team member. They've released images of three of his weapons that will be making their way into the mod. Drop by Strike Force Center today.

   Tue · Jul 10 · 2001
  Interview With RealTournament's mouse - hal_PuF
7/10/01 0:01 PST - PlanetUnreal Exclusive
DM-DeepSpaceRock PlanetUnreal sits down with mouse of RealTournament to talk about one of the hottest mods available for UnrealTournament. Still in the dark? Read the interview and then check out the website. Find out why Captured scored it a 9/10!

This has been one of the most eagerly awaited mods, and mouse talks about it's past, present, and future. Find out why you want this mod! Pictured at right is DM-DeepSpaceRock, one of the 16 maps (DM, CTF, and DOM) included.

  Thievery Interview - Mia'cova
7/10/01 22:40 PST - UT Modifications
Thief Underground has interviewed Real Orgy from the Thievery mod. Thievery is a mix of deathmatch and Thief. The interview also contains some audio clips from the mod. If you'd like some more information on the modification, after reading the interview, drop by Thievery UT.

  UT Charity Event! - Prophetus
7/10/01 17:46 PST - UT Happenings
Mark, Connop is looking to host a 24 hour, non stop, Instagib CTF match for a charity event, Children In Need. This annual event will be hosted by BBC Television in November. Currently, they raised over £1000 from various companies. 30 spots are available, so sign up now! Also, a modeler and/or skinner are needed to create the Pugsy teddy bear. Pugsy is the official icon of the Children In Need charity. You can find out more about this event and how to sign up at his website

  DM-Adversity Released - -SpArKy-
7/10/01 17:44 PST - UT Happenings
Ictus has done it again folks. Two days after releasing his second map which was featured in the 1on1 Map Pack which you can download at his site if you haven't done so already, he's released a new map for your UT playing pleasure. This map is fantastic folks, not only does it play great, she's also very easy on the eye which is always a good thing. If you're looking for a new DM map why not stop on by his Site and get downloading, and while you're still here look below for two preview pics.

  PU Welcomes Prefab Central - -SpArKy-
7/10/01 17:38 PST - PlanetUnreal Happenings
We're proud to welcome our latest hosted site Prefab Central to our ever growing list of quality Hosted Sites. Prefab Central offers over 100 prefabs for you Unreal Ed Junkies to import into your maps to add that special little touch. So, why not stop on by Prefab Central today, and see what's on offer... and while you're there why not drop them a line and welcome them to our warm, PU family.

  Tactical Ops Interview - -SpArKy-
7/10/01 17:25 PST - Commentary and Fun Stuff
HomeLAN got a chance to chat with our very own Eric "rojazz" Rojas of the Tactical Ops Mod Team to find out more about the upcoming Beta 2 version of their popular Unreal Tournament Mod which is very close to being released. They also sent over four new screenshots from the Mod for you viewing pleasure. What are you still doing here? Quickly, go and check out the interview and screenshots over at HomeLAN.

  Gamestory Is HOT! - Prophetus
7/10/01 17:24 PST - UT Happenings
Does anybody at Gamestory sleep? Once again, Gamestory pumps out some more fan fiction. The latest story is called "Kira The Shadow Dancer", by Andy Aarsvold. Here is a paragraph taken from his latest work:
Sniffing the wet dirt at his feet, Sijik, a veteran Skaarj scout, traced a slender three-toed track. Koai, or Predators as the Terrans called them, were thick in this area, and this track was definitely from one of them. Sijik's red eyes burned into the dirt, examining every detail; the tracks were well worn, which was odd for only one set of prints. Farther up the trail, the mud turned to grass and the tracks disappeared. Swiftly, Sijik raised his head and sniffed the air. A new scent had arisen: the sweet smell of meat crossed with the faint, grass-like scent of the Predators.

Read more at Gamestory!

  Moo Arena Needs You - -SpArKy-
7/10/01 17:21 PST - Unreal Modifications
Turk just sent in word that Moo Arena is now officially on hold. Why, you might ask? Because of a lack of key staff members. Moo Arena will be able to resume production with the assistance of a few modellers, animators and mappers. If you think you got what it takes to make the cows come home, drop an email this way In other news, MA is releasing Screenshots of what it had so far in the next few days. Please, if you really do feel you have what it takes to join the Cows then stop on by Moo Arena or reply to the listed email addy above.

  Advanced Model Support 1.02 - -SpArKy-
7/10/01 4:58 PST - UT Happenings
Psychic_313 at Paradox Productions has released Advanced Model Support version 1.02. Here's a list of whats been fixed/added in his own words:

This release is compatible with version 1.01, so don't worry about network compatibility. I've tried 1.01 client/1.02 server and vice versa.

What's changed
  • AMS models now have basic underlying team colours using built-in UT textures. This means that, in any circumstances where they would usually display the infamous bright green texture (for example, incorrect server packages), they now display a bright team colour - it looks just as bad, but at least the model is team-coloured. (This doesn't work on the Space Marine model for obscure technical reasons.)
  • Scripted skins get the chance to clean up after themselves and remove any special effects they've activated, which should have happened in 1.01 but didn't thanks to a couple of missing lines of code (thanks to UsAaR33 for pointing that out).
  • AMS now has a mod menu item with which you can set the behaviour of Player Setup or go to the AMS web page.
  • AMS now alters Space Marine 40K, if you're using it, to fix a minor typo in the sound effects. One of the pain sounds was spelt wrong and didn't play. It does now :-)
  • You get some extra key bindings in the Preferences screen. These are mostly basic UT features which Epic didn't include an automatic key binding for - "Reconnect", "Disconnect", "BehindView 1" and "BehindView 0" - plus a new one, "Taunt Challenge".
  • Certain models have a new taunt called Challenge. This is not available on the Voice menu, only by binding a key to it. This only works for some models (models which use the built-in AMS Male animation set, such as Space Marine v2.01, Wraithguard II, and hopefully future models). This is an Epic feature, not an AMS one - I just made it more accessible. Hopefully some future models will implement this too.
  • Probably some other stuff I've forgotten about...

One AMS 1.02 model about to be released is a very cool model of Gollum (from Lord of the Rings) by Greg Fisk (Polycount visitors may have seen it as a picture of the day a while ago). Also, Burnt Kona has said "I'll hold off on releasing a few models until 1.02", which looks promising...

Why not stop on by Paradox Productions for the download.

  GameSurge Interviews James Parkman - -SpArKy-
7/10/01 4:33 PST - Commentary and Fun Stuff
I was on my nightly surf around the net when I noticed BluesNews had posted some interesting news about an Interview conducted between GameSurge and James Parkman, Senior Level Designer at Legend Entertainment. Here's a snipit of the Interview:

What’s lacking in level design today? What can be done to fix that problem?

I wouldn’t say anything is lacking in Level Design in particular... there are good levels of all types out there, depending on the style of game... as tools and engines progress in power and flexibility, Level Design will follow.
So, why not stop on by GameSurge and get reading that Interview for yourself.

  DM-Intenser Out Today - -SpArKy-
7/10/01 4:18 PST - UnrealEd Editing
Platinum just sent in word that he's releasing the final version of his latest in the works 'DM-Intenser' which I've had the pleasure of testing, later on today. If you're indeed looking for a new map to spice your UT collection up then why not check out Platinums Site later on today for the goodness.

  A Tragedy In Australia... - -SpArKy-
7/10/01 3:18 PST - General Unreal News
On Friday the 6th of July, a horrible car accident took the life of one damn fine UT player, Blair "garF" Williams. Blair was very well known in The Ozunreal Community, and was very well known at The OzUnreal Forums making 7046 posts, a record for those very forums. He was also an Ipgn (Iprimus Gaming Network) Administrator, which is actually looked after by Iprimus my ISP here in Australia :(. He also loved a good game of Last Man Standing, yes a true UT player folks. ThoR the person who notified us of this tragedy has a message for Blair: Good games buddy. You will always be remembered, in our hearts, forever.

Please folks, being members of this community yourselves please stop on by this Thread to post condolences.

   Mon · Jul 9 · 2001
  New MultiCTF MotherShip - QAPete
7/9/01 18:27 PST - PlanetUnreal Happenings
I've gone ahead and started up a MultiCTF MotherShip Server, featuring Wyzard's excellent MultiCTF mod. If you're not familiar with MultiCTF, it's basically 4-team Capture the Flag, with some interesting variants that are possible with the MultiCTF configuration and the crazy options you can select.

The server is running *most* of the levels from all three MultiCTF map packs, which you can pick up along with the mod at the MultiCTF site. The game is Flag Elimination, where a team gets a point if their flag is captured. Teams that get three points are eliminated, which means you get the life you're on to frag away, then it's off to spectator mode for the remainder of the match. The first team to eliminate all of the others is the winner.

Stop by and check out MultiCTF for a limited time (perhaps a few weeks) at the MultiCTF MotherShip Server! There's a link in our left sidebar for your convenience.

  Rune 107 Mac Patch - QAPete
7/9/01 15:31 PST - Elsewhere on the Web
Westlake Interactive has released the Rune 107 Mac Patch. This patch brings the Rune Mac version up to the latest PC version, and fixes network compatibility. It also adds EAX support for SB Live cards, fixes some geForce problems, and has better GameRanger support.

You can grab the patch right here.

  RTMS 1.1 released - modsquad
7/9/01 13:08 PST - UT Happenings
Reactor 4 has released version 1.1 of their utility Real Time Movie Studio. The utility allows you to create your own movies using the UT engine. It's relatively easy to create some awesome movies, so long as you go through the tutorial. I tried it, and I must say that it's a great way of getting your feet wet in movie production. Even if you don't want to make movies, download it anyway to see some awesome user created movies, such as the included Strike Force movie.

  Ulukai Releases DM-Fane - -SpArKy-
7/9/01 4:58 PST - UT Happenings
Well just when I thought the 1on1 happenings were over Ulukai sends in an email about his latest piece of work DM-Fane. This map is, yes you guessed right a 1on1 map which is set in a ruined crypt-like structure during a torrential rainstorm. It looks sweet, and if 'DM-Sun-Tzu', his previously released map is anything to go off it'll be fantastic. Stop on by Ulukais Site for some pics and the download of course.

  PU Welcomes Ictus Map Designs - -SpArKy-
7/9/01 4:00 PST - PlanetUnreal Happenings
Please put your hands together and welcome our latest Hosted Site Ictus Map Designs to our ever growing PU Family. To kick start his opening Ictus has produced two fantastic UT maps one of which is featured in todays release of The 1on1 Map Pack, and his first map, 'DM-Aberrance' got a much welcomed Ownzme award from DavidM. I'm telling ya folks, this boy... er man has talent and you'll see what I'm talking about when you stop on by his Site.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on over and pay Ictus a visit, and be sure you check every little corner of his site including his art portfolio as there's some interesting and very unique work in there.

  Unreal ED Tutorials - -SpArKy-
7/9/01 0:46 PST - UnrealEd Editing
UnrealEd Max has just emailed in to let you all know about their Unreal ED Tutorial Site which offers more than 20 Unreal ED Tutorials for all you Mappers just starting out. If you think you're ready to take the plunge into the Editor then why not stop on by UnrealEd Max and get reading, who knows maybe you'll give DavidM a run for his money.

  1on1 Map Pack Released - -SpArKy-
7/9/01 0:22 PST - PlanetUnreal Happenings
That's right folks, The 1on1 Map Pack which was a joint effort between some of the most recognised Mappers in The Unreal Community: Ictus, DrPest, Tonnberry, Strogg, Mame and DavidM has just been released ready for you to download and get playing. Now if you wish to stop on by and grab this pack, you'd be mad not to, then stop on by DavidMs Mapping Site or Tonnberrys Mapping Site for the according download links, as they've also included a seperate Rocket Arena download. I also decided to included two pics below for you to drool over before you click on that all important link above.

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 Huge update !!
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 Back!! pic of map
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 Mame's Maps:
 2 pix
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 Prefab Central:
 Prefab Central goes public!
 7/10/01, 4:43
 Ictus Map Design:
 Better Map Released!
 7/10/01, 2:49
 Platinum Design:
 Map released!
 7/10/01, 2:00

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