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We've reorganized the top-level categories of information on the site to make our content easier to find, and also added subcategories for the first time. While these changes may make it more difficult in the short term for some visitors familiar with the old site, we think the new site is much better organized for all visitors.
Here are the top-level sections on the Exchange Server site:

  • Evaluation: Get the product details you need to select the right Exchange product for your situation, including feature guides, demos, system requirements, competitive comparisons, case studies, and benchmark results.
  • How to Buy: Learn about the many pricing and licensing options.
  • Using Exchange Server: Learn lots on how to use Exchange Server.
  • Technical Resources: Find the technical details you're looking for, including white papers and other technical articles on implementing and maintaining Exchange Server.
  • Downloads: Access Exchange Server trial software, planning tools, deployment and migration resources, administrative tools, resource kits, and more in one convenient location.
  • Support: Reach the help you need to solve your technical support issues with Exchange Server, including full access to the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
  • Partners: Locate Microsoft partners who offer a variety of related services, as well as third-party hardware and software that work with Exchange Server.

Thank you for visiting the Exchange Server Web site.

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