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Thursday, July 12


 1    Italian stripper, Gina Lalapola was found dead inside a cake she was supposed to leap from at a bachelor party in Cosenza in 1995. She had suffocated inside the sealed wooden cake for more than an hour before she was discovered. 

 2    Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones once admitted ejaculating into a French bread roll and feeding it to fellow band member Glen Matlock.

 3    The Times reported in 1993 that a man living in West Germany had found a human finger in his bread roll.

 4    Ursula Beckley of Long Island, USA, filed a $3.6 million dollar suit for damages against a local supermarket in 1989 after one of the eggs she was using to make an omelet revealed a healthy, 6 inch black snake. Her lawyers say that she was so traumatised that she would probably never use eggs in her cooking again.

 5    In 1997 a couple from Carlisle, Craig Wilde and Simone Rooney, found a 6 inch blood-stained hypodermic needle inside a half eaten loaf purchased from a local surpermarket. 

 6    An American bread company was taken to court in March 1992 after a woman in Los Angeles found a used condom in a large loaf. In 1997 Jeff Bolling of Hoover, Alabama, sued a McDonald's drive through after biting into what he thought was a pickle, but which turned out to be a rolled up condom.

 7    In 1991 Wang Guang owner of the White Temple Restaurant in China built a huge following for his heavily spiced dumplings which were stuffed with human flesh. Over a 4 year period the stuffing was supplied by his brother who worked as an assistant in a local crematorium. The grim and secret menu was exposed after police were tipped of by the parents of a young girl who had died in a road accident. When they came to cremate the body they found that parts of it were missing.

 8    British morals in the catering industry were never lower than they were in Queen Victoria's day. With no laws to regulate the industry food suppliers cheerfully ripped off and poisoned their customers at the same time. Some of the most common frauds at the time was the use of ground Derbyshire stone in place of flour, fake Gloucester cheese coloured with red lead, baked  horse offal in coffee, lead chromate in mustard and even iron bars in loaves to give extra weight. Many people died after eating green blancmange coloured with copper sulphate and  yellow bath buns covered with arsenic. Fifteen people died after buying sweets from a Bradford market which were found to be laced with white arsenic. Beer drinking was possibly the most dangerous activity of all. In one year there was over 100 breweries convicted for contaminating beer with poisonous substances, including sulphuric acid, which was added to harden new beer, and iron sulphate was added to give it a good frothy head. 

 9    A recipe once favoured by Indian princes involved taking one sparrow and stuffing it inside a quail. Then stuff the quail into a sand grouse and then the sand grouse into a chicken. Next stuff the chicken into a peacock and the peacock into a goat. Lastly stuff the goat into a camel. Place the camel into a hole in the ground and steam. 

 10    In October 1992 a unique case of food contamination occurred when 9 people complained that Linda McCartney's famous brand of vegetarian pies had been spiked with steak and kidney.


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