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Your host, Thrrrpptt! Why is The Sims so freaking popular?
The Sims and its expansions are consistently on the top 5 selling PC game charts and The Sims section of FilePlanet gets pretty good traffic. Why is The Sims still so insanely popular? What chord did it strike? And why haven't we seen any knockoff "me too" titles? More...
Half-Life v1107 Client/Server Featured Download
Top 50 Lists

The new Half-Life files are here! You can grab the Client v1107 and Server v4017 files from our HL Official section.
Tactical Ops v2.0
The Tactical Ops Team releases their new beta!! Version 2.0 comes in four flavors with Windows, Macintosh, All Platforms UMOD, and Linux/Servers.
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File News: Fri · Jul 13 · 2001
Counter-Strike v1002 Retail Patches
This is the 1.2 update for the retail version of Counter-Strike only. A full patch and smaller 1.1-1.2 patch are available.
Black & White Patch v1.1
Here is a great patch for your Black & White strategy title. This update is packed with bug fixes and a number of nice features.
The Opera: Release 1
In the style of Hong Kong Blood Opera films with John Woo like action comes this great Half-Life modification, The Opera.
Anachronox Demo
Immerse yourself in magic and technology as the expansive world of RPG style gameplay becomes available in the form of Anachronox.
Soldier of Fortune v1.07 Patch
Raven Soft releases this new patch for Soldier of Fortune Gold! It includes a few minor fixes and GameSpy!
Icewind Dale - Trials of the Luremaster
A free mini-expansion for Icewind Dale - Heart of Winter, featuring new enemies, areas, quests, and more!

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