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A shot of the Stargate itself, from the Within the Darkness Stargate Map.
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WTD Week - Day 4
New NOD Exporter for Maya
WTD Week - Day 3
Tirgoviste Castle
WTD Week - Day 2

Get Out There And Roleplay!
Did you know?: The WodMod Team is planning to provide pre-packaged chronicles in future releases that will be designed to work with WodMod and will cover Vampire, Mage and Werewolf.

Right now, Magnus (The WodMod Chronicle Team Leader) has a call out for skinners, modelers and map designers to help create these chronicles. If you are interested, drop by the WodMod forums and leave a message for Magnus!


Thursday, July 12 2001
WTD Week - Day 4 - Jelan
11:17 PST

For our third day, we have yet another map (we were planning to have the WTD Mod version 3.5, but it's been delayed. Worry not, you'll get it!). You can grab the WTD Mage Home right here. Keep the contest entries coming!

Wednesday, July 11 2001
New NOD Exporter for Maya - Jelan
17:45 PST

Well, the guys at Nihilistic have finally released an updated NOD file exporter for those of you using Maya. I'll let Ray "Moongod" Gresko tell you about it himself.

- This plugin is an upgraded version for those modelers that are using Maya 3.0. It does not support other versions of Maya (2.0 or 4.0).
- Installation is the same as they Maya 2.0 plugin, refer to the Nod SDK docs if needed for directions.
- It has had some limited beta testing - but if there are problems, we'd like people to let us know by posting problems on the Editing section of our bulletin boards.
You can download the new exporter right here.

WTD Week - Day 3 - Jelan
7:50 PST

Well, the contest entries have started to taper off. Keep them coming for your chance to win a map or skin in the Within the Darkness Mod. Today's file is the Within the Darkness Temple, grab it right here.

Tuesday, July 10 2001
Tirgoviste Castle - Jelan
8:54 PST

News from Vampire Italia: Lord Kufar, their map designer, has released a new map, called Trigoviste Castle. You can download it right here.

WTD Week - Day 2 - Jelan
3:02 PST

For the second day of Within The Darkness Week, we have the newest version of the Within The Darkness City Map. You can download it from FilePlanet here. The contest entries are coming in, be sure to get them in before Saturday. We'll announce the winners next Monday.

Monday, July 9 2001
WTD Week Kickoff - Jelan
4:01 PST

Well, we're finally ready to launch the Within the Darkness website on PlanetVampire. Their new URL is For this very special event, we have an entire week of activity planned for you. Every day this week, we'll be releasing a new file from the Within The Darkness Mod. Included in these files will be the newest version of the Within the Darkness Mod and the newest version of the Within the Darkness Skin Pack. Today's file is one of their new maps, the Stargate map. Included here are the map itself, as well as {iga}Pink's gate model. You can download it right here from FilePlanet.

As another special event, we have a contest for you this week! For the grand prize, one lucky winner will get to have the custom map, skin, or prop of your choice created by the Within the Darkness Team and added into the mod! The grand prize winner will also win a GameSpy Arcade registration. Two runners up will also win GameSpy Arcade registrations! For this contest, we're asking you to write an original poem about the Within the Darkness Mod. The poem can be in any form. Please e-mail all entries to with the subject "WTD Poem." All entries will be judged by Jelan and {iga}Pink.

We have some other things planned for this week that we don't want to reveal just yet. Remember to check back every day this week for the latest in Within the Darkness releases.

Within the Darkness Website
WTD Stargate Map
GameSpy Arcade
Submit Contest Entries Here

Friday, July 6 2001
Next Week is WTD Week! - Jelan
19:44 PST

Well, the Within the Darkness site is finally ready to be launched. We can't just let an occaision like this go by without making an event out of it, and this will be quite an event. Every day next week we'll have a new release from the WTD Team, leading up to the newest version of the WTD Skinpack on Saturday! The site itself will lauch on Monday, and we'll have special features for you all week long. Be sure to check back on Monday, when we kick it all off!

Thursday, July 5 2001
ModHaven Redesign - Jelan
12:48 PST

Well, ModHaven should be back up in a day or so, with a completely new design. I've seen it, it's beautiful. You'll love it. I promise. -Jelan

V:tM and Werewolf Setting Released - NTvision
12:43 PST

Here is an exciting email from the Society of Lost Days. They are working on a Victorian Era project which i'm looking forward to on final release. For now they have been kind enough to release a beta and more to come in the later weeks.

The Antiquity Project is a historical roleplaying setting for Vampire, Mage, Werewolf, and Changeling in the Victorian Era (1850-1900).

The latest release is a Wild Wild West setting entitled the Clashes of Independence: The Dawning of the Anarch Free States. There is a Ghost Town Map, 21 new skins and models, new equipment, and a Player's Guide chronicling the Pre-Revolt of the Anarch Free States. This is a Beta release, and there are a few bugs. More maps, skins, and equipment will be released in the next few weeks.

Related Links:
Player's Guide Clashes of Independence
Skinpack WildWestSkins
Map WildWestMap

If anyone would like to help nob, map, or skin please contact jadecrusader.

Monday, July 2 2001
Resident Evil Mansion Update - Jelan
14:26 PST

Today I was contacted by Rainmoon, creator of the Resident Evil Mansion, who said that he'd completed it, and re-named it the Sodry Mansion. Unfortunately it's too big for ModHaven to handle, so I uploaded it to FilePlanet. This map has a lot of new areas added and is definately worth a download. You can download the Sodry Mansion right here.


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