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Formula One Fever on GameSpot UK
F1 MANAGER 2000 continued next
Click here for larger screenshot The game extends for up to ten years from the 1999 season, and it's only through constant development that you'll be able to improve your car design and maintain a leading edge through this and subsequent seasons. Areas you can research include front and rear wings, suspension and chassis. Once you've made changes to cars you can get your drivers to test them, and the better the driver you have racing for you the more accurate the results will be.

Click here for larger screenshot When race day commences you make up a team strategy and jump into a good-looking 3D engine which allows you to view your two cars from any angle. You can run through the whole series of practice and qualifiers, while during races you can issue driver commands.

The game introduction is by Jim Rosenthal, who also does commentary and the overall feel of the game is slick and well presented.

Alan Dykes

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