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This is my family tree, although I can't take credit for starting it (the family, that is!) or charting it (the tree, that is). Here's me, or you can look at my children's family tree, or you can browse through the list of names in the index below.

The genealogy is presented using David Croft's Family Web scheme. Each person has a page listing their parents, their siblings, their spouse(s), their children, and basic information such as birth and death dates. Links between the pages let you easily navigate the tree of relations.

My sources of information for my father's side of the family are:

My sources of information for my mother's side of the family are:

My FAMILY WEB tree includes a number of branches not in my direct lineage, but which lead to distant relatives that I know/knew or that I found interesting. For example, Bob Geis was a close friend (and a somewhat more distant relation) of my grandmother Ivey and a fellow genealogist; I saw him every few years and Grandma often talked about him, his wife, his daughter, and his grandchildren. I met his sister, Margaret (Geis) McFarlane, an elderly beautiful woman with a natural air of sophistication - not something you would expect in a relative of mine! - at my grandmother's viewing. Rev. Charles Read, another close friend of my grandmother, performed the funeral service for my Aunt Louise.

The Abraham Lincoln branch is, I came to find out, somewhat suspect; see the note on the Nancy Hanks page for further information on this controversial subject. My version of the Lincoln branch was taken from The Shipleys of Maryland 1968, with some dates and names fleshed out from various Lincoln-Shipley genealogies on the web; I didn't attempt to resolve any inconsistencies I found between the book and the on-line genealogies.

I would, of course, appreciate receiving any corrections, clarifications, further information, notification of related web sites, reminiscences, or whatever. In addition to my wife's family, I am especially interested in tracking down more information about the Iveys, the Schriners, the Radeckes, and the Sparks - come to think of it, I would love to find out more about any of my relations.

Alex Measday, c.a.measday@ieee.org

NOTE: A person whose name is in italics does not have a separate page of his/her own; the link takes you to the page that references the person.


Permelia Ann Anderson (1826-1918)


James Banfield (????-????)
Mary Ann Banfield (1846-1914)
Hyung Jung Bang (1954- )
Ambrose Becker (????-????)


Katie Louisa Cleave (????-????)


Ellen Hickson Flynn (1834-????)


Elizabeth Linton Geis (1935- )
John Henry Geis (1863-1930)
Margaret Catherine Geis (1909- )
Robert Lee Geis (1907-1997)
Charles Golden (????-????)
Cornelia Golden (????-????)
Elizabeth Golden (????-????)
James Golden, Jr. (????-????)
James Golden, Sr. (????-????)
Margaret Golden (????-????)
Marion Josephine Golden (1872-1947)


Albert Sydney Hammond (1863-1932)
Anna Catherine Hammond (1868-1873)
Anna Mewshaw Hammond (1898-1990)
Armanella Hammond (1874-1953)
Camsadel Hammond (1878-1879)
Clarence Hammond (1882-1928)
Daisie May Hammond (1877-1963)
Herbert Hammond (1875-1053)
Mary Augusta Hammond (1841-1928)
John Henry Hammond, Sr. (1921-)
John Thomas Hammond, Jr. (1872-1940)
John Thomas Hammond, Sr. (1839-1909)
Rezin Washington Hammond, Sr. (1811-1876)
Rezin Howard Hammond (1864-1928)
Richardson Thomas Hammond (1883-1952)
Sarah Shipley Hammond (1870-1926)
Stella Gertrude Hammond (1879-1953)
William Shipley Hammond, Sr. (1866-1924)
Nancy Hanks (1784-1818)
Joyce Harris (????- )
Daniel Webster Hendricks, Jr. (1877-1956)
Daniel Webster Hendricks, Sr. (1838-1910)
James Hendricks (1812-????)
Leroy Hendricks (1876-????)
Reba Lee Hendricks (1903-1982)
Caroline Elizabeth Higgins (1870-1955)
Dallas Hammond Higgins (1881-19??)
Florence Gladys Higgins (1867-1961)
Harriet Lucille Higgins (1876-1943)
Henry Hammond Higgins (1864?-1865?)
Jane Elizabeth Higgins (1950- )
Joshua Lackland Higgins (1839-1904)
Lillian Virginia Higgins (1873-1955)
Mary Hammond Higgins (1957- )
Pamela Louise Higgins (1954- )
Richard Francis Higgins, Jr. (1831-1904)
Richard Lackland Higgins (1919- )
Stanley Lackland Higgins (1878-????)
Temperance Higgins (1884-????)
William George Higgins (1869-1937)
Christina Hoenes (1816-1891)


Charles Alfred Ivey (1875-1922)
Henry Ivey (1821-1892)
Jeannette Louise Ivey (1920-1995)
Nancy Ivey (????- )
Thomas Henry Ivey (1846-1936)
William Thorburn Ivey, Jr. (????- )
William Thorburn Ivey, Sr. (1898-1985)


Emily May Johnson (????-????)


Gertrude Mary Kortright (1920- )
Reginald Robert Kortright (????-????)
Katalina Kulifay-Nagy (1949- )


David Christian Land (1988- )
Mary Elizabeth Land (1959- )
Michael Jason Land (1979- )
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
John Adam Link (1797-????)
Sarah Margaret Link (1839-1926)
Sarah Virginia Link (1880-1960)
Abner Linthicum, Sr. (1763-1848)
Sarah Linthicum (1809-1882)
Pamela Sarah Elizabeth Lugg (1925- )
Walter Lugg (????-????)


Martha McGow (????-????)
Benjamin Alphonso Matthews (, Sr.?) (1890-????)
Benjamin Alphonso Matthews (, Jr.?) (1947- )
David James Matthews (1949- )
David Livingston Matthews (1922- )
Deborah Vaughan Matthews (1955- )
Patricia Ann Matthews (1952- )
Adam Schriner Measday (1982- )
Alexander Hammond Measday (1993- )
Andrew Hammond Measday (1955- )
Carol Ann Measday (1955- )
Charles Alexander Measday (1956- )
Christine Shik Measday (1983- )
Daniel Patrick Measday (1948- )
Deanna Lee Measday (1986- )
Edith Marie Measday (1898-1943)
Elizabeth Shik Measday (1986- )
James Kevin Measday (1960- )
James Paul Measday (1922-1999)
Joan Marie Measday (1953-1996)
Judith Michelle Measday (1958- )
Kathryn Mary Measday (1952- )
Marion Edith Measday (1923-1984)
Peter Schriner Measday (1950- )
Thomas Robert Measday (1946- )
Walter Measday, Jr. (1895-1982)
Walter Sparks Measday III (1920-1998)
Walter Sparks Measday IV (1949- )
Walter Sparks Measday V (1992- )
Walter Measday, Sr. (1866-1959)
Hans Meyer (????-????)
Rebecca Lee Moler (1926- )


Marie Krenrich Naas (1885-1973)


Ann Osbourn (????-????)


Dedrick Herman Radecke (1807-1886)
Louisa Margaret Radecke (1848-1937)
Charles Edgar Read (1915-199?)
Mary Anastasia Rooney (1869-1933)
Ann Mary Rowles (1766-1855)


Barbara Sachtleben (????-????)
Hope Sachtleben (????-????)
John Sachtleben (????-????)
Conrad Schreiner (1811-1877)
Albert Schriner, Sr. (1840-1872)
Albert Schriner, Jr. (1868-1869)
Charles Herman Schriner (1869-1870)
Ella Sophia Schriner (1869-1870)
Herman Hammond Schriner (1903-1906)
Herman Henry Schriner (1871-1958)
Louisa Margaret Schriner (1898-1985)
Stella Gertrude Schriner (1899-1990)
Adam Shipley 1G (????-1697?)
Adam Shipley 3G (????-1777?)
Araminta Shipley (1853-1935)
Camsadel Lucinda Shipley (1842-1920)
John Shipley, Jr. (1768-1840)
John Shipley, Sr. (????-????)
Larkin Shipley (1815-1902)
Lucy Shipley (1765-1825)
Richard Shipley (1772-1806?)
Richard Shipley 2G (1677?-1724?)
Robert Shipley, Jr. (1713-????)
Robert Shipley, Sr. (1678?-1763?)
William Shipley (1798-1869)
Anna Belle Smith (1873-1970)
William Francis Smith (1843-1914)
Sophia Snyder (????-????)
Camilla Sparks (????-????)
Ellen Sparks (????-????)
James Sparks, Jr. (1873-1955)
James Sparks, Sr. (1833-????)
John Sparks (????-????)
Virginia Sparks (????-????)
Virginia Marion Sparks (1895-1984)
William Sparks (????-????)
Debra Lee Stevens (1956- )
George Stoll (1848?-1919)
John Daniel Stoll (1875-1950)
John Merle Stoll (1918- )
Mary Catherine Stoll (1846-1866)


Mary Joesphine Tubbs (1842-1919)


Friederick Wederman (????-????)
Sophia Margaret Wederman (1809-1900)
Dorothy Alberta Weidenhoeft (1919- )
Gertrude Weiss (1894-????)
Margery Orem Willis (1909- )
Mary Pauline Willis (1911- )
Maudre Elizabeth Willis (1914-1986)

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