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Classics in Psychology,
1855–1914 Historical Essays

Robert H. Wozniak - Bryn Mawr College


This is a corrected chronological order (relating to original publication) and differs slightly from the sequence of volumes in the complete 51 volume set.

Introduction - Historical Essays
Bain, The Senses and the Intellect
Spencer, The Principles of Psychology
Bain, The Emotions and the Will
Fechner, Elemente der Psychophysik
Galton, Hereditary Genius
Helmholtz, On the Sensations of Tone
Maudsley, Body and Mind
Taine, On Intelligence
Carpenter, Principles of Mental Physiology
Galton, English Men of Science
Wundt, Grundzüge der physiologischen Psychologie
Ferrier, The Functions of the Brain
Lewes, The Physical Basis of Mind
Ribot, German Psychology of To-Day
Jackson, Evolution and Dissolution of the Nervous System
Lotze, Outlines of Psychology
Höffding, Outlines of Psychology
Galton, Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development
Ebbinghaus, Memory
Bernheim, Suggestive Therapeutics
Binet, The Psychology of Reasoning
Mach, Contributions to the Analysis of the Sensations
Ladd, Elements of Physiological Psychology
Romanes, Mental Evolution in Man
Tuckey, Psycho-Therapeutics
James, The Principles of Psychology
Janet, The Mental State of Hystericals
Wundt, Lectures on Human and Animal Psychology
Külpe, Outlines of Psychology
Baldwin, Mental Development in the Child and the Race
Morgan, Habit and Instinct
Titchener, An Outline of Psychology
Wundt, Outlines of Psychology
Baldwin, Social and Ethical Interpretations in Mental Development
Forel, The Senses of Insects
Hobhouse, Mind in Evolution
Thorndike, An Introduction to the Theory of Mental and Social Measurements
Prince, The Dissociation of a Personality
Pfungst, Clever Hans (The Horse of Mr Von Osten)
Huey, The Psychology and Pedagogy of Reading
McDougall, An Introduction to Social Psychology
Scott, The Psychology of Advertising
Washburn, The Animal Mind
Schulze, Experimental Psychology and Pedagogy
Claparède, Experimental Pedagogy and the Psychology of the Child
Thorndike, Animal Intelligence
Münsterberg, Psychology and Industrial Efficiency
Thorndike, Educational Psychology: Briefer Course





















Extracted from Classics in Psychology, 1855–1914: Historical Essays
ISBN 1 85506 703 X
© Robert H. Wozniak, 1999

Classics in Psychology, 1855–1914 Historical Essays - Contents
Classics in Psychology, 1855-1914