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Limited Edition Hardcover

by Lars Pearson


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Availability: Advance Order-- Due to ship by August 15, 2001

Price: $35.00

Manufacturer: Sidewinder Press

Format: Hardcover

Length: 368 pages


I, WHO LTD Hardcover


Distinctive SF & Comics Collectibles from Third Zone

Third Zone Collectibles and Sidewinder Press announced the forthcoming release of the deluxe hardback edition of I, Who: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who Novels, signed and numbered by author Lars Pearson and limited to 300 copies worldwide.

The I, Who hardcover, slated for an August 15th release, will retail and be sold on a first come, first serve basis. In addition, anyone who purchases an I, Who hardback will receive the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed option to purchase future hardback volumes in the I, Who series with the exact same edition number. (I, Who 2 will likely be released in softback and limited hardcover form before year's end.) By purchasing the I, Who hardcover, you guarantee yourself the ability to assemble a matched set of I, Who volumes in the future.
  • Free price guide update on secondary market trends regarding the Target, Virgin and BBC "Doctor Who" novels (Pearson formerly served as Wizard Magazine price guide editor).
  • Option to purchase one softback copy of I, Who for 50% off the retail price of US$15.00 --- a great copy for that friend you've been trying to get to read the novels.
    *** To take advantage of the 50% offer, simply make a note to that effect in the "special instructions" section during checkout.

Attention International Customers: Shipping rates are as follows for one copy (disregard the shipping cost as shown by the shopping cart):

  • Canada via airmail - $9.95
  • United Kingdom via airmail - $18.95, via surface mail - $8.95
  • Australia & New Zealand via airmail - $21.95, via surface mail - $9.95

Please note: Some features of this offer (e.g. the guaranteed number and the half-price I, Who softcover copy) may not be available through retailers other than Third Zone Collectibles.


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Distinctive Sci-Fi & Comics Collectibles from Third Zone

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