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WEB: Notes for a Microportal Taxonomy [1111.1998]

Where do I get these buzzwords? I make them up. :) I don't know if I like this one yet. We'll try it..

Microportals are indy sites that change all the time. Usually they're run by one person, or a small group. Most of them belong to presurfers, or people who find links and share the best with others. Other sites are newsfeeds.


Robot Wisdom Weblog - The first one I found. Jorn Barger's got a beautiful and massive site, which I fear has been eclipsed by the weblog. He uses link monitoring software like mind-it to watch his favorite sites for changes, as well as news tracking services. He also watches newsgroups, and I believe does most of his writing on usenet (which probably is good PR, but ought to be captured somehow on his site).. Links are generally short, with quotes. He uses frontier as a scripting environment. Dave Winer's got a ton of links for scripters, and he also puts essays up. His front page is a collection of short link descriptions grouped by day. His essays are in another part of the site. He uses frontier (in fact, he created frontier). Also, he makes an XML version of his news avaiable. Rob Malda lets his friends and collaborators post.. Also, anyone can add comments. So he's got news, and then meta-news. Initial pieces generally have a few paragraphs, and with comments can take up pages and pages.. He runs software called slash, which he wrote in perl and makes available for free.. He also makes a script-readable version of the headlines available, and uses some kind of script to scan freshmeat for new software releases..

drudge report - link to everywhere, plus headlines.., honeyguide - less frequent update

more later's past midnight.