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Jeff Hawkins
"If you try to integrate a cellphone and a PDA and an e-mail machine and by integration one of them suffers, then people won't buy it. So the trick is ..."

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Hawkins full interview (audio & transcript)
An interview with Jeff Hawkins, cofounder of Handspring.
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Early inspirations
TV clip: Handspring's Jeff Hawkins talks about his early inspirations.

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Designing the Palm
TV clip: Handspring's Jeff Hawkins on designing the Palm.

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From Palm to 3Com to Handspring
TV clip: Handspring's Jeff Hawkins on going from Palm to U.S. Robotics to 3Com to Handspring.

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Financial markets come and go
TV clip: Handspring's Jeff Hawkins talk about how financial markets come and go.

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Keeping innovation flourishing
TV clip: Handspring's Jeff Hawkins on how to keep innovation flourishing.

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Style trumps features: Battling Windows CE
TV clip: Handspring's Jeff Hawkins on why style trumped features in the fight against Windows CE.

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One gadget or many?
TV clip: Handspring's Jeff Hawkins on whether people want many gadgets or one that does it all.

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The next big thing
TV clip: Handspring's Jeff Hawkins predicts the next big thing.

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