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"In Amg Ada a couple - male and female - "marry" the "World-Tree", the axis mundi... All the theoretical secrets of Amg Ada proceed from there. Every aspect of Amg Ada can be explained in this way... Man and tree are a mirror image of each other, in terms of their organisation... Amg Ada is a magick of the central axis. It is a magick of the World-Tree, the centre of Being expressed as an axis. There is a particular form of magick this allows for. It is a magick of inversions and reflections..."


This site is sponsored by the Pure Fire Foundation and is dedicated to promoting Amg Ada sex magick, an alternative Western tantra. All original matter is © Copyright S. Epworth 1999-2000. With thanks to Maurice Henty, Mary Southern and all those who have supported the development of this site. Special thanks to Arkia J.

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There is a sweetness in the heavy air tonight.
Storms approach.
The light, purple and blue against the velvet darkness!
The acrid winds have fled.
How my breasts throb as you sweep among the shadows.
The breath of the Earth is heavy.
You are dancing.
The bolt of the Sun is gone.
It is black again.
Your voice penetrates me, enters me, thrills me!

I am lost!
Lost utterly!
Do you hear?

The silent woman has surrendered and bedded down beneath the mountains.
Now I am desperate for your nakedness.
The Earth is pensive. She waits.
She bears her secret parts beyond our windows.
I tremble should your glance fall upon me.
Listen! Drops of rain!
Listen! Voices among the leaves!
Listen! The belly of the Sky cracks open!
Luminous shadows
Luminous shadows!
Are these the paths?
Is this the dream you spoke of?
I have kissed the Queen of Night!


I am lost!
Lost utterly!
I am nowhere anymore!

From the Songs of Volvizia



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