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"I drink to prepare for a fight. Tonight I am very prepared." -Soda Popinski
07.18.01 | |PC| More Star Wars Galaxies 360 Degree Screens
Sony has released three more in their series of 360 degree character screenshots. Looks like they will be releasing new ones twice a month until September. You can check out the first set here. All I can say is "I'll drink to that ( Actually I will drink to just about anything, but the screenshots are cool nonetheless)!"

07.16.01 | |PS2| Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec review
Do I hear wedding Bells?
Maybe it's the booze and lack of sleep talking, but after just one magical and romantic night - I want to marry Gran Turismo 3.
For the last 15 hours we have gazed into each other and refused to so much as acknowledge the existance of anyone else. I can't remember the last time I've felt this way about...anything (not even my wife!).
Now I am certainly no racing game expert. Hell, I haven't even played a lot of those other popular racing games, like Mega Buggy Blast Off, XRX1323 Tokyo Mega Racing Mecha Bonanza, or RRR Is For RRRacing...READ MORE

07.13.01 | Interview with Ben Hawes of The Opera
When we first read about The Opera (and all the promises the game made), we were skeptical to say the least. An FPS based on Hong Kong Blood Operas, with character disciplines, style points and anti-cheat prevention - AND it's a Half Life mod no less? That was a LOT to live up to. But sure enough, when we installed it, it was all there in front of us - and just as phenominal as promised. We were so impressed by this amazing feat of a game, that we just HAD to talk to someone in the Redeemed Assassins camp about it. Ben Hawes was that poor bastard ...READ ON

07.09.01 | |PC| The Opera
Or, Why I Might Never Play Another Videogame...Ever.
There aren't many good videogame sites out there on the internet (hell, I can think of one two). I rarely read bluesnews but for some reason today (boredom), I decided to check it out. That's when I found this little gem. READ ON

07.05.01 | |GBA| Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon review
Or, Just because you wear a cape doesn't mean you're a fag.
If you're like me (and you better be) then you hate vampires and want to kill as many as possible (if you're not like me then you probably ARE a vampire in which case, you are encouraged to email me with your address and sleeping patterns as soon as possible). Since I have yet to be able to "kill" a real live vampire (something about a "murder" law or some such nonsense...READ ON

06.29.01 | Blast From The Past: The Lost Reviews
While DrunkGamers is in its infancy on the internet, it is a concept that has been kicked around by gUs, myself, danfast and j0hn for quite some time now. Way back in March we took our first stabs at it with Conker's Bad Fur Day and Onimusha. However, the very nature of our dual obsession (alcohol and games) kept us from making any real progress until recently...READ ON

06.25.01 | |DC| Crazy Taxi 2 Review
I was a huge fan of the original Crazy Taxi. gUs and I spent hours upon hours dueling it out for Crazy Taxi supremacy (he will tell you he won but. . .I guess he did. Damn. I hate that guy)... READ ON

06.16.01 | |GBA| Game Boy Advance Review
Or, I'll never wash these hands again!
Or Even, The official Game system of my toilet!

I'm not a religious man by nature, but if there is a God, he probably lives inside my Game Boy Advance. Im not kidding. This is the greatest invention since uhh..well shit, it's really, really cool...READ ON

06.07.01 | |PC| World War II Online Full Review
Hmmm...how do you rate a game like this? First of all (and most important) DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME DRUNK!!...READ ON

06.07.01 | |PC| World War II Online 1st Impressions
Or, loading...loading...loading...
How is the game so far? Does it live up to expectations? Well, I have personally played it for about 7 hrs now and all I have seen of it is this GODAMN LOADING SCREEN! The most exciting thing I have done tonight (other than download the 70 MB initial patch!!!!) was take this screenshot (to be fair, I was on for about 10 minutes once tonight, where I promptly shot a Nazi in the face and then got killed). 10 minutes of gameplay in 7 hrs. That's not bad. G|F

06.06.01 | UPDATE #3 - Pre-ordering Vs Buying The Day Of Release
War is hell...READ ON