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Last night I attended a VIP Dragon Hunt. Find out about it in this article.
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- Dragon Raid!
- Fennin Ro: Wedding Announcement
- EQWADB's Latest Updates
- Quiz 20: Frogloks
- EQWADB's Updates
- EQ States Opens
- EQ Interview at Hosting Tech

   Thursday, July 19, 2001

Dragon Raid!

Last night many people from a variety of different servers were treated to a special evening of fun on the test server. Greg "Rizdog" Rizzer the Public Relations Manager at Sony Online Entertainment, set up what he called the VIP Dragon Raid.

I've written an article about last night's adventure titled, VIP Dragon Raid which includes 27 screenshots and pictures from the raid. Enjoy!

Fennin Ro: Wedding Announcement

Tahnlu of the Fennin Ro server sent news of his upcoming wedding. Be sure to click the link for a nice flash movie and the information regarding this blessed event:

A Wedding to attend!

You're all invited.

   Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Equipment Database Updates

Ardaniel, the newest member over at EQ Weapons & Armor Database posted this update:

Added more TOV loot and updated exsisting ones.

    Dagarn's Tail
    Dawncaller, Blade of the Morning
    Great Spear of Dawn
    Eye of Rigtorgn
    Twisted Steel Gauntlets
    Boots of the Destroyer
    Reaper's Ring
    Shield of Dawn
    Belt of the Destroyer
    Girdle of Dark Power
    Shield of Midnight
    Cloak of Venom
    Pauldrons of Blight
    Ancient Wurm Hide Robe
    Hand of the Master
    Crown of Resiliance
    Shawl of Perception
    Shadow Fang Necklace
    Barrier of Sound
    Bracelet of the Deep Sea
    Cloak of the Sky
    Shield of the Wurms

   Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Quiz 20: Frogloks

This week's EQ Quiz is about Frogloks. They live all around us, deep within some of the most dangerous dungeons of the lands and walk freely in many other zones. They are non-hostile to those of goodly gods and strike fiercly at those who worship the evil ones. How much do you know about these amphibians?

This "just for fun" quiz will challenge all that you know, or might not know, about Frogloks. Take the test and see how much you know .. or don't know about the Frog People of EQ.

Weapons & Armor Database Updates

Quatto over at EQ Weapons & Armor Database posted this update:

    Sword of Pain
    Sceptre of Destruction
    Venomous Axe of the Velium Brood
    Shimmering Ruby Stilleto
    Axe of the Kromzek Kings
    Guardian's Dagger
    Servant's Blade
    Iron Scroll of War
    Bone Ring of Condemnation
    Cloak of Silver Eyes
    Wrist Guard of Thunder
    Bracelet of Protection
    Velium Encrusted Gauntlets
    True Mithril Breastplate
    Breastplate of Superiority
    Velketor's Spell Book
    Transparent Eyepatch
    Circlet of Silver Skys
    Robe of the Primordial Ritualist
    Crystal Chitin Gauntlets
    Barbed Ringmail
    Small Scarab Breastplate
    Shield of Dragonkind
    Spiked Seahorse Hide Belt
    Silver Chitin Wristband
    Silver Chitin Hand Wraps
    Steelsilk Greaves
    Hollowed Koada`Dal Rib Cage
    Silver Sigil of T`Vyl
    Platinum Sigil of T`Vyl
    Golden Sigil of T`Vyl
    Bronze Sigil of T`Vyl
    Veil of the Vortex Weaver
    Pristine Studded Leather Bracer
    Pristine Studded Leather Gloves
    Pristine Studded Leather Sleeves
    Pristine Studded Leather Boots
    Pristine Studded Leather Tunic
    Ritualist's Gown

   Monday, July 16, 2001

EQ States

A new web site has just opened:
With so many people unable to attend the large official EQ Fan Faires, I thought it would be a good idea if I could help them find other players in their home state and local areas.

Many of the other boards are sorted by server, but I wanted this board to sort players by their home state. EQ players can sign up at the EZ board chat page beginning July 15th.

I will post announcements of any gatherings and parties held in your state at the official EQ States webpage. Please remember to let me know if the gathering is "private" or "public" in your announcement. DLIsabella of Innoruuk
Sounds pretty interesting .. head on over and check them out!

Interview with Scott McDaniel & Adam Joffe

HostingTech conducted an interview with SOE employees Scott McDaniel and Adam Joffe. This interview answers many of the questions surrounding EverQuest's success and why HostingTech thinks that this is the sort of thing that will continue to thrive on the internet.
Sony Online's operation of a hugely popular online game is a coveted business model of content, community-driven loyalty, and customer service.
Head over to HostingTech to read the complete article.

   Sunday, July 15, 2001

Equipment List Updates

Quatto over at EQ Weapons & Armor Database posted this update:
More new "GOD" loot from ToV's Uber Dragon Vulak'Aerr

    Mrylokar's Dagger of Blood
    Kelciferous' Armband of Artistry
    Feeliux's Cord of Velocity
    Crystasia's Crystal Ring
    Hobart's War Helmet
    Sal'Varae's Robe of Darkness
    Barbed Dragonscale Boots

Roleplaying Tips Issue #81

Issue #81 of Roleplaying Tips Weekly is now available online: "15 Tips For Making Cities In Your Games Come To Life"

This Week's Tips Summarized:
    1. Questions For Yourself
    2. 1st Impressions Count
    3. "Here We Are Now, Entertain Us..." - Nirvana
    4. Splendour Always Makes An Impression
    5. Skipping Time - One Way To Avoid Street After Street
    6. Not Skipping Time... But Making It Memorable!
    7. Resist Habits
    8. Quizzes - God's Gift To GMs
    9. City Adventures I - Setting Your Stage
    10. City Adventures II - Engaging Encounters (The Antagonists And The Foils)
    11. City Adventures III - Guards! Guards! (The Chorus)
    12. City Adventures IV - What ordinary people don't know.
    13. City Adventures V - Transition - Toadies As The Way To Some Limited Influence
    14. City Adventures VI - A Big Hook
    15. City Adventures VII - Are We Having Fun? Pay-Offs And Game Balance
Readers' Tips Summarized
  • Find NPC Names In The Credits Section Of Your Books
  • Buying Dice On eBay
  • Planning A Group's Combat Tactics
  • WOD Specific City Tips
Roleplaying tips are meant for pen & paper games however many of the tips can be used to enhance all those who role-play.

   Saturday, July 14, 2001

Wednesday Night In Norrath #56

Wednesday Night in Norrath Episode 56 is now available:
Episode 56: Revenge is best served cold, or Who sells life insurance?

The Wednesday Night gang tries to figure out how to make Cazic-Thule profitable without negitive experience. Which one of our bold adventurer's dies (and how many times)? Which one begs for the madness of Cazic-Thule to end? Which one likes peanut butter pancakes?
For the answers to these questions check out the newest episode of Wednesday Night in Norrath.

   Friday, July 13, 2001

Sony Developers Corner

Discussion on a Role Playing Server.
Thoughts from Verant about how a role playing server should work. This would be a PvE "Player versus Environment" server. It would be enforced role playing, mostly through the use of racial languages. There are a lot of ideas being thrown around on this thread, so go check it out!

Ask Brad.
The latest "Ask Brad" is from July 9th. The topics covered include the design of Velious, online gaming, downtime, and finishing the old world zones.

More Sullon Zek Changes.
Hobart updates players on PvP Immunity and other topics.

   Clerics of EQ


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