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Fasten your seatbelts, kids, and hang on to your blasters! UT Builder is taking you to a galaxy far, far away!
The Dirt:
UT-Specialforce recently picked up four new members, but is still looking for coders and texture artists

Have you downloaded the recently released DM-1on1-Pack by some of the best mappers in the community? If you have, they've got a server running so that you can enjoy these babies on-line. It's currently located at unreal://, so frag away!

If you're ever on ETG and you're a mapper too, stop by #unrealed to hook up with likeminded people. The channel was formed for mappers who like to idle on ETG, but hate having two mIRC's open.

Unreal Engine Update
MUCP Patched For 225f
MGON Strike Force Interview
Totally Voices
Should He Stay or Should He Go?

   Thu · Jul 19 · 2001
  Unreal Engine Update - rojazz
7/19/01 18:11 PST - Games in Development
Straight from Epic's website comes an update on the Unreal Engine, currently at Build 739. This current build also implements full XBox support, new visual effects, volumes, improved terrain support, Matinee (software that allows developers to create cutscenes and other ingame scripted sequences much more easily than is currently possible in UT or in Unreal), and finally, new mesh browsers. Here's some information about Matinee:
Matinee is still in its early stages but we believe it will be the ultimate tool for making in-game cinematics and scripted sequences. Presently you can: have a camera that sits still but pivots to track a moving object, have a camera that moves along a track and tracks another moving object at the same time, you can cut and or fade between multiple cameras and you can trigger any event to happen along a camera path such as explosions, other actors moving, sounds playing or delays. Matinee is completely integrated into UnrealEd such that you can scrub back and forth along its timeline to preview the camera movement.
There's tons of additional information posted on the site, and what's more is that there's tons of pretty pictures (insert oohs and ahhs here). There's also mention of the Unreal Developer Network for people interesting in Unreal technology. Thanks VE!

  MUCP Patched For 225f - Zaccix
7/19/01 10:26 PST - Unreal Modifications
Dinwitty has let us know that a new version of the MegaUnrealCOOPPack has been released. This version fixes compatibility with Unreal version 225f and earlier while still remaining compatible with later versions. Unreal Gold players don't need to grab this one.

  MGON Strike Force Interview - Zaccix
7/19/01 10:17 PST - Elsewhere on the Web
MGON, hosts of Strike Force Center have posted an interview with the Strike Force team. Check out Part 1 of the interview right here.

  Totally Voices - Zaccix
7/19/01 10:14 PST - Elsewhere on the Web
Totally Unreal has just launched a brand new voicepacks section. If you're in the mood for an aural change in your UT gaming, why not check it out?

  Should He Stay or Should He Go? - Zaccix
7/19/01 10:01 PST - PlanetUnreal Happenings
As you may or may not know, Deepershade runs The ModelFarm, a great UT modelling resource. Thing is, he's currently playing poker with Satan (i.e. having a hard time in real life) and hasn't got much time for the site right now. Deep's set up a poll asking, basically, "What should happen with the farm?". Go on, you've got to let him know.

   Wed · Jul 18 · 2001
  Skintastic - modsquad
7/18/01 17:29 PST - General UT News
Currently with 793 skins available for download, there's something for everybody at Skin City. Just recently, it was updated with five new additional skins, which include Gollum, Squall Leonhard, Saxy][, DoD-Clan, and Camouflage. If these skins don't suit your needs, visit the site as I know that there will be at least one skin that you will want to download.

  Another version? Yay!! - modsquad
7/18/01 13:09 PST - UT Modifications
A new map has been released for the mod MultiCTF called Laserforce, but that isn't all that the mod has to offer. Wyard is planning to do yet another version of MultiCTF despite him saying that Beta 5 (currently available for download) was going to be his last version, and it's a good thing too considering that no other 4 way CTF mod has as many features as MultiCTF does. The next beta is already in the works, and Wyard, with his creative talent, has added some awesome features. I have listed these new features below:
-Vacuum zones kill flags
-Supports Flag Mutators - CTF4 mutators that do cool things
-Added 'No Touch Own Flag' Crazy Option - you have to guard your flag where it lies until it is automatically returned...
-Added 'Dead Flags Spawn Near Where Thrown' Crazy Option - flags thrown off of the edge now appear by the spot where they were thrown
-Added 'OneFlagBase' Map Object - now mappers can control where the OneFlag can spawn in their maps!
-Added a map name filter - now you can look for just 'CTFM' maps if you want - helpful if you have lots of CTF maps!
-Added a 'Hot Potato' MultiCTF Mutator - when you touch a flag it is immediately thrown. Makes for some crazy matches!
Plus, Wyard isn't even done with the next beta yet! All you CTF players out there have lots to look foward to.

  PU Welcomes Stu's Maps - hal_PuF
7/18/01 12:01 PST - PlanetUnreal Happenings
click to enlarge

Yes, you read right! Stu's Maps is here at PlanetUnreal once again!

Stu has a great collection of UT and StrikeForce maps, and he's got a new one for you to preview. To your right, you'll see a Ued shot of the smallish DM map that's in the works!

  UnrealCentral Lives! - hal_PuF
7/18/01 10:56 PST - Elsewhere on the Web
After a looooong absence, UnrealCentral is back with a brand new look and a brand new staff. Pop in and say "hi"!

  Team Phantom Needs Coders - hal_PuF
7/18/01 10:18 PST - UT Modifications
It seems that the rest of the team is well ahead of the coding department and they need some help to code models, classes and gametypes, in order to get a beta out in a couple of months. If you can help them with this, contact for more information.

  Toshiro Model At Godz - hal_PuF
7/18/01 9:47 PST - UT Modifications
For those of you who still have been too lazy to click on the link to Godz, this really is a unique looking mod, featuring God-like player models. The Lamb has created a new player model called 'Toshiro', with disector providing a couple of menacing skins. It looks like first-rate, quality stuff, so have a look for yourself.

  UnrealCraft News - hal_PuF
7/18/01 8:58 PST - PlanetUnreal Happenings
UnrealCraft, the StarCraft influenced mod for UnrealTournament is looking for someone who is proficient in model creation programs such as Milkshape 3D and 3D Studio Max to export skinned wireframes in UT format (.T3d) for them. This is a very promising mod, so send in a zipped sample of your work to if you're willing to help. Oh yes... owning StarCraft is essential to the position!

While you're there, be sure and check out the map pics , I bet many of you haven't seen the terrific looking maps they're working on... including a brand new one called DM:LastStand. Also, their Forum is up and running, so pop in and tell them that you want your Zergs NOW! (NOTE: You MUST have your monitor resolution to at least 1024x768 to view the site properly!)

  Suite Me Up, U4E Style - modsquad
7/18/01 5:25 PST - UT Modifications
Sonic, of Unreal Forever fame, has created a new set of armor for the U4E mod. The armor idea is rather fascinating, being used in many role playing games. This set of armor will protect you completely against certain elements. For example, if you wear fire armor, you are completely invincible to ice damage. There is also the new addition of the Kamikaze Armor that explodes once it sustains too much damage.

It looks like the team is close to finishing off their mod U4E-Fortress because in 1-2 weeks, they will be releasing a beta of their mod, an internal beta I'm assuming.

   Tue · Jul 17 · 2001
  Map Pics At Mame's - hal_PuF
7/17/01 23:20 PST - PlanetUnreal Happenings
Do you like to keep tabs on all the best maps that are "in the works"? Drop by Mame's Maps and check out the 8 new pics of a great looking CTF map. What's with that lighting, Mame? ;-)

Site Updates
 A sad day :(
 7/19/01, 7:29
 Stu's Site:
 New Site Design
 7/19/01, 5:08
 Pearman Preview Released!
 7/19/01, 3:51
 Chainsaw Reviews:
 5 New Reviews! Check them out!
 7/19/01, 3:39
 Tygra's UT:
 Map for Furreal mod shots!
 7/19/01, 3:24
 UT Mania:
 Join the Live IRC Chat now....
 7/19/01, 12:57
 Prefab Central:
 Some new old prefabs!
 7/19/01, 11:41
 Skin City:
 3 Models ; 2 Skins ; 1 Q&A;
 7/19/01, 7:04
 Reactor 4:
 Site redesigned
 7/19/01, 6:47
 Platinum Design:
 7/19/01, 1:00

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Strangelove allows you to ride the Redeemer missile, what could be more fun?! While not released yet, check out the pics and info on Strangelove 2, which is scheduled o be released in 2-3 weeks.

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Visit Diehard Design!

Diehard Design is the home of Shrapnel, Ghandi and The Fugitive, and you'll be impressed with the body of work this group of level designers has put together!

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DM-Elemental by ReJecTRaT is a gothic-themed map that sports nice lighting and texture work, good bot play and overall fast-paced gameplay. Stop by Chainsaw Reviews for more excellent level reviews!

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