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Red Lemons sent in his pimpin' pic of the dangerous looking Phrasia Engine Q3 weapon replacement model. Modelled by Balou and skinned by Red Lemons this is a sweet way to change the standard Q3 machinegun. More, I want more pics people!
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We're all over QuakeCon like blue on Quad. Be sure and check out the QuakeCon 2001 interviews so far. First was the illustrious Director of Operations, Tapper; followed by the enjoyable and informative commentary of EvilJohn, Executive Director.
The Mynxage is fresh and tasty with the latest Dear Mynx up and ready for your weekly enjoyment. This week there is much to be learned, with the typical mynxisms alive and kicking.

   Thursday, July 19, 2001
Cross-Fire on Display
Quake III Arena News | 7/19/2001 | 14:14 PST - Pappy-R
The Cross-Fire conversion has some new screenshots loaded up that will give you a feel for how they'll handle giving you ingame information. Crawl into position to check out the HUD and ingame Menu at the Cross-Fire home.

The Sexy Battle Continues
Quake III Arena News | 7/19/2001 | 12:28 PST - Pappy-R
A new team has picked up the gauntlet and carried on with the development and community of the Q3 Battle of the Sexes mod, now called Battle of the Sexes CTF (BSCTF). The most recent release is v1.32b and it carries on the tradition of class based teamplay. Get the details, info and files on this revived classic at the new home,

The Cave Leads to Catacombs
Quake News | 7/19/2001 | 11:09 PST - Pappy-R
Building and reviewing Quake 1 levels is what the DaZ Dranz Level Cave is all about, and taking a close look at the "Catacombs of Misfortune" is their latest treat. Check out the full review for this classic Quake single player level to see just what kind of action it offers.

QCheck v3.1.0
Community News | 7/19/2001 | 7:24 PST - Pappy-R
Online gaming and mIRC are quite the pair, and the QCheck plugin brings them together just that much more. The new version brings new features and fixes to the table.

QCheck is a highly configurable addon for mIRC that sets the user "away" and makes customized announcements in IRC when he/she joins a game server through GameSpy 3D and other supported Server Browsers. The addon has been in development since early 1998 and supports every game that the Server Browsers support.

Grinding the Mind
Quake III Arena News | 7/19/2001 | 6:37 PST - Pappy-R
In an effort to make the Quake3World's July Maps list as phat as he can, John has added two more levels for you. With Universal Mind for Team Arena and Meatball Grinder for Q3A Dm to grab and frag, today's starting off with a bang. Catch all of the Quake3World Maps that you can, and add more spice to your game.

All Mynxed Up
Community News | 7/19/2001 | 6:30 PST - Pappy-R
Advice runs fast and free with Dear Mynx as usual, and this week's Embarrassment Spotlight will take you on a trip...with the folks! This week's letters include undies, morning "tension" and going bald before 20. Need a little help with life's questions, check out Dear Mynx.

   Wednesday, July 18, 2001
Doin' The BoBo!
Quake III Arena News | 7/18/2001 | 16:32 PST - Pappy-R
Quake III news on the Ritual Entertainment site? Yes indeed, and it's all about their talented artist, Brian "BoBo the seal" Jones doing some model, skin and other art work for the Quake III mod, Tribal CTF. It's always nice to see someone from the "pro" side step over to help with a free project, and Tribal CTF is one worthy project. Check out the short article (or long post) about BoBo's community efforts and then slide over to Tribal CTF to see what all the fuss is about. GG!

Paul Jaquays Speaks Up
Community News | 7/18/2001 | 12:47 PST - Pappy-R
LordDSquarT sent word that Gamasutra has a new round of Q & A with Paul Jaquays, who has been cranking out levels for id Software since '97. The design and project based interview looks at many aspects of level creation. A very good read!

Gundam Universe Fills Up!
Quake III Arena News | 7/18/2001 | 12:42 PST - Pappy-R
It's been kinda quiet over at the Gundam Universe for a while, but today their screaming with reasons to check them out. The crew was hard at work on new models and maps and they're on display today in killer colour. There's so many new Mobile Suits that they have to reorganize the media section of the site, now that's a whack of pics! Check them all out with a quick zip over to the Gundam Universe.

Caustic is Cool
Quake III Arena News | 7/18/2001 | 9:58 PST - Pappy-R
Have you ever just sat and wondered what "techno-organic engineering" could do in the right(?) hands? Our Q3A Model of the Week has the answer! Caustic's the name and a new look for the arenas is the game. Check out this new model and slip it on to throw a scare into your foes, or shop through the Model of the Week Archives for more.

QuakeCon Interview Two
Community News | 7/18/2001 | 9:47 PST - Pappy-R
The second QuakeCon interview in the series is up and downright plump with info taken from the mind of EvilJohn, Executive Director of this years bash.

Ash: Every year QuakeCon is just a total blast. What do you think is going to make this year even bigger and better than previous QuakeCon experiences?

EvilJohn: I'm glad people attend QuakeCon have a such good time. The people are the sole reason we do this. We don't (deliberately) try to make the current edition of QuakeCon out do the previous year's, it just seems to work out that way. Every year the excitement and energy QuakeCon produces seems to get bigger and bigger. To make the event the better this year, I've had a few specific goals. First and foremost I wanted to make better use of the BYOC LAN servers. Last year we had some oddities that didn't allow us maximize the servers. AMD provided with some serious hardware and we could have loaded them more, I think. We will more have mods running, more easily reachable for the players. Second, wanted to have a really enjoyable, competitive tournament. Pro-gaming is an important part of our community now, while QC isn't a pro-gaming event, the pro communities dedication to Quake3 is something that needed to be recognized.

I'm also looking forward to some of the BYOC events we're going to have. Periodically we're going to run contests in the BYOC to keep things exciting. Speaking of contests I'm SO looking forward to case-mod contest. The boys over at are judging this year's contest, and I think they're in for a treat. I received an ICQ from someone asking if they could bring a goldfish into QuakeCon. They wanted to use the CPU to heat the water. I don't know if he's actually going to do it or not, but I hope he gets it right. I'm a little worried about things getting out of control and having QuakeCon turn into a some twisted version of Iron Chef.
Get all the goods you can about the man and the event in our second QuakeCon interview!

Java Juice at QuakeCon
Community News | 7/18/2001 | 9:24 PST - Pappy-R
Into Java gaming at all, check out the big phat Java Gaming Give Away!

At this year�s QuakeCon, held in Mesquite, Texas, FullSail Real World Education, , and Sun Microsystems, Inc. will be hosting a deathmatch contest using the Jamid game developed by FullSail. Jamid is a FPS that is developed with the HUMID(tm) game engine. HUMID(tm) was written in 100% Java, using Java 1.3 and Java3D.

There will be a deathmatch tournament held throughout QuakeCon at the Jamid demo station. We will be giving away a Cobalt Cube server to the top player! Details to be posted here and at QuakeCon!

LvL Slips You Some Skin
Quake III Arena News | 7/18/2001 | 9:11 PST - Pappy-R
While you're checking out the latest five newly posted Quake III levels at the LvL, you can do it using one of the many site skinz they have available, including the new Simplicity Blue. Here's the new levels you'll be checking out today:

  • between the conduits by Elmar Steinb�ck (DM/Tourney/TDM 2-6 player)
  • Dissoda by Strahlemann (Space DM/Tourney 2-5 player)
  • Camp Johnboy by johnboy (DM 4-6 player)
  • Suspended Animation by <|3FG20K> (Space DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
  • HONG Academy by Mesh Hong (DM 3-8 players)
  • Quake3World Maps For July
    Quake III Arena News | 7/18/2001 | 9:05 PST - Pappy-R
    John Ballem is back from vacation and posting up maps for the Quake3World July list. You can go check out Universal Mind by Elfinko (TA) and Meatball Grinder by Fingers that went up fresh today, but don't miss the whole Quake3World Maps Area to make sure you haven't missed a thing.

    More Maps at Z-Axis
    Quake III Arena News | 7/18/2001 | 7:55 PST - Pappy-R
    The two latest level reviews at Z-Axis cover Q3 CTF and the Weapons Factory Arena mod for Q3A. The newest is Cast Into Shadows by Quartz with Urban Decay (WFA) by Raven0us coming in just Monday. Hit Z-Axis to see how they rate and whether or not they strike your skull just right.

    Know Your Monkey
    Quake III Arena News | 7/18/2001 | 7:22 PST - Pappy-R
    In an effort for everyone to know a bit about their coder, Sin Arena has posted up a quick shot interview with CodeMonkey. It's tongue and cheek with some info on the side, well worth a read.

       Tuesday, July 17, 2001
    Shadowdane's Upcoming Final
    Quake II News | 7/17/2001 | 16:45 PST - Pappy-R
    Shadowdane is working on his last Quake 2 level and has posted two shots to wrap your taste buds around. Nexus 4 is on display with the pics showing two angles on the main atrium.

    Shiny New Toolkit
    Quake III Arena News | 7/17/2001 | 16:40 PST - Pappy-R
    It's the engines of creation you'll need to visit to grab the latest build of the multi-purpose Quake Toolkit. The new version is 1.2 and comes with some tweaks and fixes to several of the utilities handy functions.

  • Complete Server Configuration make-over. Now with detailed per map setup.
  • ini file code completely rewritten (many thanks to SithLord)
  • Fixed VLight command switches in Map Compiler GUI
  • Pure server automatically disabled when running map from Map Compiler GUI
  • Selectable filter for filelist in Map Compiler GUI
  • Improved BSPC support in Map Compiler GUI
  • You can now select the missionpack\maps folder as maps folder in Map Compiler GUI.
  • Changed -aasopt
  • Blackhole in Living Colour
    Quake III Arena News | 7/17/2001 | 16:15 PST - Pappy-R
    The SuperHeros III mod team has a new forum on their site that they need regulars to go and register up for to get back in the swing of things. To tempt you over they have a new film clip available that gets pretty messy. Check it out to see the tweaked Blackhole super power in action, but get ready for some gibs a'plenty. He shoots, he blows up!

    Power at Polycount
    Community News | 7/17/2001 | 12:18 PST - Pappy-R
    SchwimmelPuckel just dropped us a note saying there's some fresh Q3A weapon models over at polycount today, and indeed there is! Check out the Phrasia Engine (replaces Q3 machinegun) or the updated Flamethrower to get a new thrill from pulling the trigger. New player models abound at polycount as well and you should definately see the detail of Oni Link. The price for these beauties is still just a click.

    A Lucid Peek
    Quake III Arena News | 7/17/2001 | 10:10 PST - Pappy-R
    Dubbilan is offering up a quick peek at his soon to be released level for Quake III called "Lucid Enigma". Stone and wood mesh together to create a moody arena you'll soon be able to play. Get your new screenshot preview from Dubbilan's Quake Central.

    QuakeCon Interviews Begin!
    Community News | 7/17/2001 | 9:20 PST - Pappy-R
    Ash is more than just a little in love with annual QuakeCon event, and with good reason. Today kicks off his first in a series of QuakeCon Interviews, starting with Tapper, Director of Operations for QuakeCon 2001.

    Ash: What do you think makes QuakeCon so damn phat that players travel from all over the country, and all over the world, to attend?

    Tapper: Well, it�s two things. The first, is the people. Quakecon still feels like a family reunion, and I think that element makes the event something really special for the people that attend. People meet so many friends from IRC, their clans, website forums, that the event just has that reunion feel to it. The second thing, is id. id�s sponsorship, and no holds barred participation in the event really makes it special for folks that play Quake as a passion. Quakecon is the only place I know of, that a player can meet the guys that made the whole thing possible, shake their hands, and talk to them about whatever. In fact, I think you could accurately describe Quakecon as a huge party that id throws for its fans every year. I think the combination of all these things, just makes Quakecon the "Mecca" experience that it is for so many gamers.
    Get the smack on the biggest, baddest Quake party of them all right here!

    Birth Machine a Must!
    Quake III Arena News | 7/17/2001 | 8:15 PST - Pappy-R
    Quint has announced the release of his first completed Quake III level, The Birth Machine, and this one is a must see for floater fans. Custom textures, music and some funky accelerator pad work add up to one kicker of a level. Recommended for up to 6 in FFA or 1 on 1 play, if you like to tempt the fates by fragging over the void, The Birth Machine is one try.

    Stalingrad Interview
    Quake III Arena News | 7/17/2001 | 7:22 PST - Pappy-R has an interview with Ron and Denis of the Stalingrad conversion for Quake III. You'll get info on how the project came to be and just what direction it's headed being based on historical events.

    Quake3Daily: What type of maps are there, only city maps?

    Ron: No there will not only be city maps. You will fight in the outskirts of the city as well as in the city; in fact you might make it across the city. There will be maps where everyone will be a vehicle that will require semi open terrain.
    Update: The brand spankin' new StalingradMod site is online and loaded for bear! Russian bear that is.

    Finger Lickin' CTF
    Quake III Arena News | 7/17/2001 | 7:03 PST - Pappy-R
    Just in from the Chicken Team, they have released public betas of some Quake III CTF levels they have been hard at work on. These levels have been hammered on by many a flag runner and now are open to your input and abuse. Slide over to the Chicken Team for a peek and a poke.

    New PainKeep Arena
    Quake III Arena News | 7/17/2001 | 6:49 PST - Pappy-R
    The Team Evolve gang has a new version ready of PainKeep Arena for the Quake III Dm community. This is an all new beast and not just a small patch that adds compatibility with Q3A v1.27g/h. Weighing in at a hefty 89 mb, this one will have you running for the beans like never before. Grab PainKeep Arena v2.6 and get your FFA skills honed to a fine and funny point.

    NecroMoscow News
    Quake News | 7/17/2001 | 6:40 PST - Pappy-R
    Speedy's upcoming Quake 1 level, NecroMoscow will be using high resolution, true color textures so you'll need a newer Quake engine project like MH Quake or Tomaz Quake to get all the goodness to shine through. The level will play on GL and normal Quake though so no worries. Hit Speedy's for some info on the level to come along with some pics to boot.

    SDA's Shopping Spree
    Quake News | 7/17/2001 | 6:34 PST - Pappy-R
    The new "Run of the Whenever #4" at the Speed Demos Archive will have you running to grab all the goodies in the more than classic Quake 1 level, DM6. If you want to get in on the latest challenge you'll need to hit the Speed Demos Archive for rules and files needed to compete. This one is going to get some very creative runs going on!

       Monday, July 16, 2001
    Your Date With The Strogg War
    Quake III Arena News | 7/16/2001 | 13:45 PST - Pappy-R
    Pucker up and get ready to kiss a new version of The Strogg War right square on the lips. The good word has been passed down that a new and very important Alpha version will be ready for us all between Wednesday and Friday of this week. No list of specific features yet, but the head honcho, 'gpig' says, "The new Alpha will include many new features and a totally new gaming-experience." Sounds good! I can't believe it, but he's still looking for new members on The Strogg War development team. Mapping and textures are top of the list. Watch for news of the new Alpha later this week.

    A Jolt For The Creative Side
    Quake III Arena News | 7/16/2001 | 13:26 PST - Pappy-R
    Jolt Online Gaming (UK) is offering a up a server so that Quake III mod and map makers can add a little spice to life. Players and mod/map authors can suggest content for the server to run for a week, with the possibility of a steady server holding content if it becomes popular. Full details are here in the Jolt news. I'm willing to bet they get a flood of mail on this pretty quick, so get your groove on!

    So Fresh and So Clean Clean
    Community News | 7/16/2001 | 8:53 PST - Ash
    It's time to get things rolling for another week, and we've got two great new Levels of the Week for your Quake and Quake 3: Arena consumption. First, you can wake up with Black Coffee deathmatch by Drannerz, and then once you're awake it's time for some Heavy Duty by Mr. Clean. There's tons of great fun to be had in these levels, so head right over to the Levels of the Week and snag'em!

    TexSynth Hits The Scene
    Community News | 7/16/2001 | 7:24 PST - Pappy-R
    There's a new toy in town from the maker of the Q3A Shader Editor (Q3ASE) and it's name is TexSynth. This new tool is for, you guessed it, making textures and I'll let the author tell you about it.

    TexSynth is a new tool for making textures looking "similar" to input images. It's the perfect utility for making variations on a basic theme, for enlarging or shrinking an existing image without stretching it, or for making a non-tiling image tile. Since it's only concerned about textures, it can be used by mappers and modellers alike, regardless of game or software used. The tool is only in its infancy, just reaching 0.1, so it's important to read the notes on the homepage listing the pro's and con's of using it.

    Navy Seals HUD'n Stuff
    Quake III Arena News | 7/16/2001 | 7:03 PST - Pappy-R
    It's time for another Navy Seals: Covert Ops updtae on what the team has been working on for this "to drool for" total conversion for Quake III. The boys are showing off their latest Heads Up Display (HUD) work and have some new, and very effective realistic textures for authors to use in their own Q3 Navy Seals maps. The new HUD pics also show off the ns_ironfist level and some new weapons skins. It's all at Navy Seals: Covert Ops.

    True Combat Countdown
    Quake III Arena News | 7/16/2001 | 6:53 PST - Pappy-R
    Are you ready for the upcoming Beta 0.45 release of the True Combat TC for Q3A? You better get ready because the team has announced they're touching up and testing for release which means it'll be soon! In less than two weeks we'll see it hit the scene with a bang and server admins can go register to recieve the release early. Stop by True Combat for more details on that and a look at two new screenshots showing the Night Warrior scope and the realistic lensflare effect.



    Christian Antkow7/17
    Graeme Devine7/5
    Paul Jaquays6/20
    Robert Duffy6/18
    Jim Dos�4/26

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