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Things that make you wonder... - 9:42PM on Wednesday the 23 August, 2000

Sadly, I've been hearing of a few TDR2000 reviews lately, which all didn't give the game the score we all wished it would have, but more of a 70% score, with the main reason being that the game renews almost nothing. Matte kindly sent us a quick review (which was also tranlated by him) done by PC Player, a swedish gaming mag, which surprisingly also give TDR a solid 7 out of 10 score (7's doesn't come more solid than this, just have a look at the 'Valuation' part). Even though the aothur of this article doesn't sound like a Carmageddon fan, or even like someone that actually played C1 or C2. Notice that he says that the missions will be intoduced for the first timein C:TDR2000, and that the graphics on the first Carma were, umm, shite. Well, sure they are when you look at them today, after about 3 years of 100% 3D accelerated games. I believe the graphics on C1 were just fine compared to the rest of the games available at that time. Still, he did play the final game, and he does have some good points, like the fact that this time around, we'll have 6 races on the first environment, followed by 6 more more on the next environment, and so on. By 6 races I mean 3 normal carma 1 style races, and 3 missions. Sounds like alot, doesn't it? IC an assure you it won't be, as long as the game is good, fun, and sadistic just the way we want it :)

Simply click here in order to read the whole thing, which is already located in our new home at Csoft. Huge thanks to Matte for taking the time to translate and send us this article :) Also if for some reason the link/page doesn't work for you, head on to DTD where this review is also available.

- LL-Hell

Behind the velvety aluminium curtain - 1:23PM on Wednesday the 23 August, 2000

Just to give you tabs on what exactly is going on here (excuses, excuses, I know ;)). Well I've just got back from a pleasant holiday on the Isle of Wight, which was a nice break, and now we have.. drumroll please... a new host! We're striving to get all our content back, but unfortunately we have lost all our binaries with the last host (cars, patches etc..), so if you could be so helpful as to drop us a line if you have some of you work you'd like us to host again, we'd be eternally grateful.

Well I guess this is going to be the last post on this temporary site, I sure know I'll be glad to get back to a server with some normality about it. So if your here for your news hit, I'd highly suggest checking out our affiliates who will give you top class props on the latest goings on and I'll get the new site updated as we reopen and we'll have the full missions breakdown list for you, thanks all for your patronage and support during the last few weeks :)

- Matt

Getting back on track. - 4:35PM on Monday the 21 August, 2000

We're currently working on Carmageddon City at our old place ( to get everything back on track. This URL is not the one you need to remember cause if something goes wrong again you can always go to to stay informed. For now you can just check the 'new' CC right here and make sure you post a nice message on our message board =)

- Viper

Carmageddon TDR2000 Video - 2:41PM on Tuesday the 15 August, 2000

I happend to notice that have posted a new video of TDR 2000. It's about 60megs so maybe something for you guys on the phat pipe to the net to get or something for that overnight download. I will post what it has in it here soon once this download is done. =)

Update Well after watching the video I must say, it's something your really going to want to check out if you can. It shows off some of the other levels and cars in the game and they do look pretty good.. =)

- Noodlez

Wee! Time for a update. - 3:20AM on Sunday the 13 August, 2000

I haven't posted for a long time at CC but I'm still alive (Not that you care anyways). Anyways... I'm posting this because I think you need to know what's going on. I finally managed to cancel the account at C I Host 4 days ago and signed up for a new one which should be much better. The bad thing is... We lost ALL our data we had on the server and we didn't have a backup of everything. We still have some cars but it's not much. More on this later...
If everything goes well we should be back with the normal site within a week. We found a mirror for our files so we shouldn't have any problems anymore when we get back.

- Viper

Kowabanga! - 6:13PM on Thursday the 10 August, 2000

First of all I'd like to link you all to our missions breakdown page, which now has a new part, the military missions. The last mission also clears up the purpose of those planes (ok, plane) we've seen in one of the screenshots some time ago. Sorry for the 2-3 day delay in bringing this, but we were busy thinking about the future of CC and what to do. We've got some stuff going on on this matter, so we might share it with you later :).

Also, since now we have no separation between TDR and C2 news, I can freely add this here, and not be afraid from gettings slapped by anyone ;). Econobrick fixed us a nice new car, we all know and love, the one and only, Turtle Van! Yes indeed, an exact model (and I mean exact) of the original van which was used by everyone's favorite evil fighting mutants, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michaelangelo, aka the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What are you still doing here? go on, download, it's good for you. I know what're you waiting for... yhea, the car is great, great model and even better textures, but you must already know that, I did say it was an Econo creation. WELL? oh right.. sorry, my bad. There you go, Econo's C2 page.

Speaking of mutants, our next installment of the missions breakdown will be of the Back of Beyond environment, which is filled with mutated peds, but no rats turtles ;(.

- LL-Hell

Third time's a charm? - 2:24PM on Sunday the 6 August, 2000

Well not in this case, things are a bit slow today, at least for now. But I'll get you'll just have to live with it, we've been spoiling you way too much these last 4-5 days. Today's mission breakdown is the Hi Rise environment, check it here on your free time. Next time I'll have for you some of my favorite missions, which take place in the Military zone. Check back in a day or two, should be up by then.

- LL-Hell

Mission installment #2, and the mighty power of Barnett - 5:34PM on Saturday the 5 August, 2000

Here again, just like I promised (I'm shocked about it, really), for our next installment of the mission by mission breakdown, featuring the Docks. In my opinion the Docks missions are one level below the rest of the missions when it comes to fun and creativity, but I like to think Torus simply had a bad day when they were working on them. Our next installment will bring you the missions from the Hi Rise environment, the one that's making a come back from the original Carmageddon. I'll try to get it posted first thing tomorrow. For now, you'll have to settle with the Docks. Poor you :)

You didn't think I'll let you go with just that, did you? a few minutes after my last post, Barnett got his hands on 5 new screenshots! Too bad I received them just an hour too late, because 3 of them would have been a perfect addition to it - they're showing different parts from the "Going Ape" missions of the Hollowood environment, which I posted 2 days ago. The second one is showing the part in which the ape goes ape, comes back to life (sorta) and starts marching. If you can't figure out the third one, Have a look at the wall, or rather at the lack of it. This is the ending of the Hollowood environment. The last screenshot seems to be of a multiplayer game, showing a never seen before F1 car. Unfortunately that's pretty much all you can see in the pic, perhaps except for the groovy map on the radar. Huge props for these screenies to the charming Barnett (Again!). And while I'm busy thanking Barnett, I should add that he has another little bit of interesting info for us: The Drugs powerup we all know and love (to hate.. :) ) has been taken to the next level. This time when you're stoned you'll be hallucinating things that aren't really there, like other opponents... I'm not sure whether it's a good thing, or a bad thing. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

- LL-Hell rides again - 5:56PM on Friday the 4 August, 2000

Econobrick just sent word that is back up, wheres being the host of many of the best carma fan sites, including X-Rays Crashocalypse, to which he's just returned from vacation, and Econo's C2 Page. Also Render has re-opened BurnOut after it seems it was closed for a little spring cleaning. So while they're sorting their content out, be sure to go and show them your patronage and check 'em out.

And on a totally different note, while flicking over the latest PCZone I spotted something that I thought might interesting some of you, and they summed it up much better than I could without taking up about 3 hours of your time, so I'll just pinch a sizeable quote ;) :

"Perhaps with the exception of the mod scene, there is nowhere a small creative team with sod all money and an innovative game design can show off their idea for all the world to see...
So in conjunction with, the Dept. of Trade & Industry and the Scottish Development Awards the Games Development Awards have been launched to help future gaming gurus get their ideas out into the public arena..."

The idea being you sign up your team and develop a certain something, depending on which category you enter as it's sliced into seven (7) categories to make for fairer competition, he a quickie of the categories:
OPEN: Code an one level fully playable gameu, using only your own code'ability.

SINGLE SCREEN GAME: Create a game which all the action is on one screen and doesnt requiring any scrolling. Yep it is possible, think Pac Man, Puzzle Bobble and go for a strong creative concept.

ONLINE WEBSITE GAME: Flash, shockwave etc is acceptable... I wonder if Pimp War will be entering.. ;)

NON INTERACTIVE Produce a real time rendered, 2minute long aesthetically outstanding piece of programming.

Also there is Concept Design, Pre-Rendered Animation and Adaption/Conversion catgeories, but I assume its fairly obvious as top what is required. Now the part that might put you off a little, there is a meager �10 registration fee (�5 for the concept catg.), I know it might you might all look away as soon as you see that, but it still might be worth checking it out, I'm sure non of you would say no to being the next Molyneux or Carmack..
[full story]

- Matt

First installment of a 7 part mission by mission breakdown, and beyond... - 11:06PM on Thursday the 3 August, 2000

Have we got something for you!
But before I get to the point I have something more to say (don't worry, it's good) about TDR, it's nothing really big, and I know that if I post that after the main subject of this post you'll never read it. Just a little bit of interesting information you probably never knew: According to our friend Barnett (no, not SCi's Darren Barnett, a different one) One of the cars in C:TDR2K will be a B-52 Bomber, which will be about as wide as a road itself, smacking down unsuspecting peds on both sides. Hopefully we'll soon have a pic of the B-52 for you to gaze at.

And now for the bigger news. We got our hands on a full mission description for the first two environments. I guess most of you already know the general idea of the Hollowood missions, but I'm also sure that none of you ever read about any of the 'Slums' missions, which personally I think are much better than the Hollowood ones, and way waaay batter than any of the C2 missions (excluding the 'breakout' mission where you kill those poor sick people, it's pure genius). Even if you're not very interested in TDR, and visit CC mostly for our C2 resources, I still suggest you'll have a looksie, especially at the 'traffic jam' mission. It sounds real fun ;)

I'll try to post the missions for the next environment, the 'Docks' tomorrow or the day after. Stay tuned...

WARNING: before you proceed, note that reading these mission descriptions is very likely to spoil some of your enjoyment from the game. The missions are an integral part of the single player mode of C:TDR2K, and discovering them one after the other creates a certain element of surprise and anticipation. I'm a bit sorry myself for reading them, but someone had to do it :)

Now that we're past that, think it over a few times and if you're sure that you want to proceed - click here to read the description for the first 6 missions.
I was going to paste a little taster here, but coming to think about it, I guess it's not such a good idea ;)

And news just in - I just got a word from Beast of the DTD glory got a word from Matte, that a site named AllintheGame which seems to specialize with having games sound clips (too unusual for me to explain properly) has 10 sound clips of TDR. Sadly only the first 4 are in english. Incase you were wondering, after listening to the english clips a few times I can honestly say Ihave no idea what the guys in clips #2 and #4 are on about :) Clips #1 and #3 are probably taken from the intro, and give a bit of info on the story behind C:TDR2K. the other 2 clips, are a mix of people, mostly saying how someone kills you, wakes you up and then kills you again... Go figure. I can only imagine your puzzled looks right now :) In hope to clarify this I'll quote Beasty's answer to me when I asked 'What the hell is this crap?':

    "its an expression that shows the powers of an individual... a somewhat restyled version of it is in a slim shady song.. bad meets evil.. the guy says I'm bad enough to commit suicide, and come back to kill my soul after I'm dead."
While you're still trying to figure this out I'll let you know that the sound files are in a Real Audio format, weigh ~500k each, about 0:30 secs in length, and in great quality. Both the 10 sound clips and a link to get Real Audio if you don't have it can be found here.

- LL-Hell

Paint Shop Pro - 9:29AM on Thursday the 3 August, 2000

Seem a new beta version of Paint Shop Pro 7 has been released. This brings this bad boy up to beta 3. So if your into living on the edge you might want to head over here and grab it.

- Noodlez

Fry lightly for 20 minutes, turning occasionally - 7:54PM on Wednesday the 2 August, 2000

You want the latest word up on TDR2000? Hot off the press we've got some of the questions burning on the tips of your tongues, thougtfully answered in our latest 'Questions & Answers' session by the producer himself, and pep'ed up by three exclusive chunks of eyecandy, introducing, Mr Darren Barnett. With word on the next demo's release(s), including first public mention of possiblitiy of releasing two demo's rather than the standard one, a quick note on next generation console ports of the game and a slam down on editability, here's a taster:

"CC: In the next demo, will there be a new level or will it feature the same world we played in the previous alpha demo, also, when we're told it should have network support, is that the actually long awaited Internet play in it or just LAN?

DB: The next demo is scheduled for September we may do a cover-mount demo & an internet demo which would be slightly different, the cover mount demo would be a single player mission in Hollowood ...

Head on round to our Q & A archive for the full lowdown. And to round off the intellectual stimulation, for some of the more aesthetic nature, run your eyes round those curves and click them thar thumbnails for bigger images..

- Matt

there's one, there's another one, there's another... - 11:57AM on Wednesday the 2 August, 2000

Counting.. polycount.. count poly's, get it? Oh man I'm so unbelievably unfunny, anyhow, Noodlez picked up on this little news treat that should have meaning and somewhat large appeal for those modellers of the community, while it seems from the the full article on Polycount that this is targetted at games that are specfically designed for it, surely its a sign of things to come for those hackers that simply cant afford the boxes of 3DS' Max, let alone the disc's and I believe everyone would rather have legally licensed software specifically for their cause, here's a slice:

"Discreet is going to be releasing a new product called gMAX which will be a subset of the ever-popular 3D Studio Max. Why is this such good news? Because it will be free. Yes, you heard me, FREE. It is being specifically designed for the game community to use for 3D modeling.
a division of Autodesk Inc., today announced that it plans to release a powerful subset of its industry-leading 3d studio max � authoring tool to game players for no charge on the web. The new product, code-named 3d studio gMAX and based on the upcoming key release of 3d studio max, will serve as an extensible content creation platform for professional and consumer use."

It seems the cost of the software is going to be taggd onto the development costs of the game with the production team licensing development rights to it out from Discreet. I believe strongly this idea will benefit many communities when it comes into practice, if not ours, so keep you eyes peeled.

Now to hit back at the carma scene news, Mr. Beast of our affiliate, Driven To Destruction, recently planted his paws firmly on not 1, not 2.. -[ snip ]- .. but SIX new and exclusive screenies of the one and only, TDR 2000 showing some profiles of the likes of *cough* The Beast, and the Eagle ;) Be sure to give them a once over when you've got a sec'.

- Matt

Fun Stuff - 1:12AM on Wednesday the 2 August, 2000

While having nothing to do with Carmageddon other than the fact that some of us Carmageddon players are playing it. The game Pimpwar has reopened and we have a team. So if your bored why not join Pimpwar then think about joining are group CarnageCrew, and together we can pimp them hoe's and rule the world.

- Noodlez

De ja voo? - 7:27PM on Monday the 31 July, 2000

Yep, I've definitely said that already - there are 2 new movies of C:TDR2K available on the net, both were taken with a camcorder at SCi's presentation in Milano just like the last 2 movies. This may be just another coincidence, but they've also been released by the same site - :). This time the first movie for today is ~17MB, and the 2nd movie is ~9MB. Both of them seem to show off missions which take place in the Hollowood environment. One part of that mission is to collect the parts to create some sort of a bomb, and in these movies you see the Eagle driving around grabbing a couple of these parts. Also incase you were wondering what's the green text which appears during the introduction sequence, that would be your mission instructions, which also explains what you need to achieve.

Why would you want to download this movie? First of all in these movies you see about 6 peds getting meshed in high speeds, screaming, spurting blood in all directions.. I have to say it looks much better than it does in the alpha demo, and to support what I say you can even hear the Italian player saying "Bellisimo" (Italian for beautiful) and people going "oooh" and "ahhh" in the background. The impact looks and sounds pretty painful, combined with the right amount of blood... You really can't ask for more than that.

The first (bigger) movie holds another pleasant surprise - Remember those ugly, repetitive and annoying drones that used to drive around the streets in the alpha demo? well no more! In this movie you can clearly (well maybe not so clearly, the quality isn't all that) see different and more realistic drones on the roads, eventhough very briefly. One can only hope that Torus and SCi will live up to their promises, and make the drones breakable too.

I wanted to put up some images for you guys... but you know how it's like over here. :( everything's a mess. Hopefully CC will come back to normal soon...

- LL-Hell

Hi, my name's Mr President, you may remember me from such coverups as.. ;) - 7:32PM on Friday the 28 July, 2000

oh the 'caught with his pants down' possibilities with thisWell here we go with the first exclusive publicly released Cameron Ped for Carmageddon2. Cameron worked on various models for the original release of Carmageddon2. As you may have gathered from seeing the 'Cameron Cars' series that errol got hold of, hacked up so they were playable in game and released a few month ago over at Toxic Ragers 2000, not all of these beautifully textured high quality meshes made it into the final game and while Errol got his hands on the Cars everyone's favourite CWA troll, Ratty, managed to get his mitts on the peds that were not included in the final release.

And here we have the fruits of their labour, as with the Cameron Cars, this Cameron Ped is excellently modelled and textured and (unlike the cameron cars) is best summed up by Ratty in the readme:

"This is a massive head ped of Bill Clinton in his pants :)"

While I may just be easily amused I really like this one, nice to see some humour injected back into the game. This is final version and is all packed up neatly, full instructions are included on installation so as ever be sure to read the readme file, but you know what to do if you have any difficulties :). So now its time I gave you the [download] and let the games begin. Big prop's to Rat, Cameron & Errol for this, enjoy!

/me tries do to do a knock off of LL's image style ;)

- Matt

Oooh, looking more homely - 3:54AM on Friday the 28 July, 2000

I've taken the liberty of putting something resembling our real design up instead of that rather appalling white/grey text thing I knocked up as I figured it would help keep some sort of identity. As you'll see the menu's aren't here as nor is the rest of our site but I'd just like to state again that this is not a permanent change, hopefully it is just a short term sacrifice and we're striving to get our cars archive and the rest of the site back online for you asap. Much apologies to you all but is unavoidable and beyond our control.

I've moved the site status down to the bottom of the page and shrunk the typeface so that it is not so in-your-face if you dont wish it to be, but it's always there so you have the lowdown on how things are fareing behind the scenes. In fact I think I might keep it, or a very similar idea when we're back up and running properly so you always have tabs on the latest status changes on this side of the fence.

Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive download that will be making an appearance later today for everyones favourite mash 'em up, Carma2, I'll say no more.. but you should like it :) and we'll strive to bring you more exclusive mapokery to make up for our lack of cars and bells and whistles :) Thanks again for all your support and messages of good will we've been recieving, they make it all worthwhile :)

- Matt

more thumbs up for TDR - 3:04PM on Thursday the 27 July, 2000

I'm not sure whether this preview by wireplay has anything to do with the LAN night by TPF matt mentioned, but it does mention some kind of a C:TDR2K "Launch party" which was held by SCi. The author of this preview seems to be pretty impressed, though I'm not sure whether he can be trusted in that matter - he claims to be a "carma virigin" and was surprised by the existence of a drugs and drink driving power ups... You get my point :)

I quite liked these two bits:

    "...Joe [one of the testers] could neither confirm or deny that one of the hidden vehicles is a Popemobile, complete with machine guns"

    "the multiplayer mode is a whole other world of lunacy. It's basically a circus of destruction, with loads of nasty hazards to avoid as well as your fellow mentalist drivers. I had a few unpleasant incidents with a device known as "the crusher" which, it is my strongest conviction, will haunt me every time I find myself behind the wheel of a real motorcar"

I must say I was disappointed when I read that the guy who wrote the article played it with a MS Force feedback steering wheel, and all he had to say about it was that it "added a welcome touch of realism to proceedings". I sure hope the final game will make good use of steering wheels, especially since the only use I have for my wheel is to see how long it takes it to get all covered with dust. I just couldn't find any game that is both fun, and makes good use of it.

Seems like I'm drifting off from the subject, this means I better shut up and let you guys read the whole thing here.

- LL-Hell

New words on TPF hosted LAN night - 4:00PM on Wednesday the 26 July, 2000

If you remember that post about The Playing Fields hosting a LAN and press evening for Carmageddon: TDR2000, you might be interested in this article I just caught from TeleFragged.

Although the first page of this is pretty, to be honest, dull, and the writer gives the impression that he's not the biggest fan of the mash 'em up genre and rather new to carmageddon, it's worth sticking it out to the second page where he discusses the actual in-game'ities in quiet some detail

"The balance of weapons and vehicles is still under review, which is a good thing since the Tank is currently much too resilient, and many of the weapons do so little damage that it’s almost not worth the effort. Watch out for all your favourite traps as well, including the trippy Drugs mode and the frustratingly damaging Pinball mode, as well as Turbo, Afterburner and a few new ones.
AI is improved all round, and the Peds now exhibit much more "normal" behaviour than before, queueing outside cinemas and ATMs; and instead of scattering, they now "flock" together as they flee, adding to the potential carnage. There is also plenty of background traffic to watch out for, all of which has to obey the Highway Code by stopping at red lights and not driving on the pavement."

On side note, you might be a little shocked at how old some of the screen shots they've decorated the article are, but some of the information is fresh so dont be put off. Check the full aticle here.

- Matt

sweetening the bitter pill - 1:08PM on Wednesday the 26 July, 2000

How does two movies, one even showing multiplayer sound like? I know, I know. Nothing makes up for CC's disappearance, but these 2 will sure help :)

I haven't had a chance to download both of them, but I did see the first one. Unlike prior movies, these two were taken using a camcorder at some presentation SCi did in Milano, so the quality isn't that great, and you can hear some guys jabbering and laughing in the background, probably in Italian. The movie I saw is about one minute long, and takes place in a different environment than the one we're used to, but even better, you can hear the ingame sound fx and music, and see the new peds SCi promised. The animations look much better than what we've seen so far, including the ones in the demo, mostly because they're human, and not some wacky zombie animations.

I can't say much about the second movie since I haven't seen it yet... but I do know it takes place in a multiplayer arena. Also, thank noodlez for this, since he was the one who found it and gave me the URL :o)

You can now grab both movies at our movies page... oh, sorry. Force of habit :(
Instead go here and grab the two movies. Don't let the 2 screenshots fool you, they have nothing to do with the movies.

Just a quick note to warn you that the link on the site to the first movie is broken, and the correct url is:

The first movie is ~12mb, and the second is ~10.

- LL-Hell

Welcome (partially) back I guess - 3:04AM on Wednesday the 26 July, 2000

Well here we are, on spaceports, using Newspro. Huge prop's out to Cage who lent us his space, his newspro and his ears while I whinged at such short notice. We'll have news and stuff back on with a day or two while we let all the members know whats going on, so please dont be disheartened just yet :). If you have tried to contact us with the last three days, our mail server has been frozen so I asked kindly that you please resend your messages to the backup email addresses of our members as listed on the top of the page. Thanks for all your support, it is really appreciated, and apologies once again.

- Matt


Carma City Status

ONCE UPON A TIME - 25 / 07 / 2000
Carma City is currently a news only site, the reason for this that in offering the immense resource archives we did and coupled with the exponentially increasing site traffic we had are bandwidth useage sky rocketed, in the last 22 days alone we have used 60Gigabytes of bandwidth. This was too much for our service provider to cope with and the recommended we purchase a dedicated server, however this would triple our monthly costs and is not an option at present as we now have a $1000 (USD) bandwidth bill to handle, well handle not being the operative word as its simply and absolutely unaffordable, so while we're currently looking for a new server that can offer the bandwidth and freedom we need, our resource archives are indefinately offline, we apologise unreservedly for the extreme inconvenience.
UPDATE - 26 / 07 / 2000
We are now told that the original figure is an underestimate and they say the actual figures are bandiwdth: 233Gigabytes , bandwidth bill: $4,180 (USD). Personally I find this hard to believe but as they wusage service they provide never functioned, we only have their word for it. We'll keep you updated.

UPDATE - 27 / 07 / 2000
Well Noodlez picked up on a host that look like they can cut the proverbial mustard at the right (read: affordable w/o the need for a NASA size govt. grant), we've started talking to them so once (if) we've cleared up this business with CIHost some sense of normality will start seeping back in.

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