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Yellow and Brown People

From the 1997 edition of Fundamentals of Thought, Chapter 3 "The Conditions of Existence", section "Identity and Attention", pg. 35-36.

[The Scientology religion is based exclusively upon L. Ron Hubbard's research, writings and recorded lectures
--all of which constitute the Scriptures of the religion]

One "needs" an identity to play the game, as covered later, but mainly to "get attention."

A being looks at things. To balance the flow of his attention, he feels he must also be looked at. Thus he becomes attention-hungry.

Unlike yellow and brown people, the white does not usually believe he can get attention from matter or objects. The yellow and brown believe for the most part (and it is all a matter of consideration) that rocks, trees, walls etc. can give them attention. The white man seldom believes this and so is likely to become anxious about people.

Thus the white saves people, prevents famine, flood, disease and revolution for people as the only purveyors of attention are scarce. The white goes further. He often believes he can get attention only from whites and that yellow and brown peoples' attention is worthless. Thus the yellow and brown races are not very progressive but by and large, saner. And the white race is progressive but more frantic. The yellow and brown races do not understand white concern for "bad conditions" since what is a few million dead men? There are plenty of identities and there is plenty of attention, they think. The white can't understand them. Nor can they understand the white.

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