Looking Back and Reaching Forward

In this project, we have learned about the proud history of the town of Foxborough, Massachusetts. We began by learning that our roots run deeper than anyone really knew by studying the stones in the forest and the mysteries they hold. Then, we found out about the early settlers and what they did to start a community. After that, we saw the industrial period of Foxborough, which brought even more people to town. Finally we learned about the fires that took place in the year 1900, which led to the reconstruction of our town and the growth of its industries. In sum, this project describes what we are today: a proud and strong community.

Just as the people of Foxboro worked as a team to build their community, our class has also worked together to build our project. In creating this slide show, we students encountered many setbacks just as early settlers did in founding and constructing the town. We were also challenged to organize, develop, and build with the resources we had available to us. By working together as a team, we cultivated the strength and determination needed to pull our project together. We have learned that the importance of teamwork, evident during the birth and growth of Foxboro, is a valuable concept that still holds true today.


Personal Computer Use Class / Spring Semester, 1996


The slide show sampled above may be seen in its entirety at the Boyden Public Library, on the Macintosh computers, in the file marked ... PUBLIC SCHOOL PROJECTS.


Recommended books concerning the HISTORY OF FOXBOROUGH:

  • History & Directory of Foxboro for 1890, by the Foxboro Historical Commission
  • This Was Foxboro, by Mr. & Mrs. Clifford W. Lane
  • Glimpses of Early Foxboro, by Jack Authelet
  • Foxboro, A Pictoral History, by Legee, Authelet, Brennen, & Croke
  • Images of Foxborough, by Jack Authelet


Be sure to visit MEMORIAL HALL in the center of Foxborough to view the vast collection of Foxborough artifacts collected by the FOXBOROUGH HISTORICAL COMMISSION. The hours of the museum are Wednesday evening from 7-9 pm.


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