Updates for July 18, 2001

  • Eight (8) stories added to Late Breaking News.
  • The Upcoming Guests section has been updated.
  • 11 Christopher Walken reviews, eight (8) Lara Flynn Boyle reviews, ten (10) Pierce Brosnan reviews, eight (8) Renee Zellweger reviews, 12 Alec Baldwin reviews, 14 Julia Stiles reviews, 12 Conan O'Brien reviews, 22 Katie Holmes reviews, and 18 Sean Hayes reviews are up in the Episode Reviews section.
  • "Where the hell have you been?" I've been getting a lot of e-mail from frustrated fans like yourself in recent months. People seemed a little, err, "miffed" by the lack of updates. I'm not sure an apology can completely mend the wounds, but I am sorry. Allow me to attempt to explain myself. First there was a starring role in the high school spring musical. That led to prom. High school graduation was next (I was the Commencement Speaker). Then the computer ceased to function for several months. Then a vacation in Cancun. All the while I've been preparing for enrollment at Penn State Main Campus this fall. It's been the busiest time of my life, but I hope to stay on top of this site from now on. I once thought it would be retirement time when I hit college, but I plan on keeping alive. Welcome back!


me with "SNL's" Tina Fey

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Chris Parnell

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Horatio Sanz

Molly Shannon

Robert Smigel

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