World Championship Wrestling  


WCW fights dirty and gains momentum
The gloves have definitely been taken off by WCW and ECW it their war against the World Wrestling Federation. The latest broadcast of SmackDown saw the merged companies take a bite into Vince McMahon's empire. Can Vince turn things around this Sunday at Invasion?
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7/12/01 - WECW wrecks Federation's best
The joining of WCW and ECW has proven lethal for Vince McMahon and team WWF.  Together they dominated SmackDown! when they attacked and destroyed the Undertaker, Kurt Angle and the rest of Team WWF.  Could things get any worse for the Federation?  With Shane and Stephanie in charge, you bet they will! 
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7/5/01 - DDP turns on Shane McMahon
WCW saw one of its championships change hands for the first time in months as Billy Kidman took the Cruiserweight Championship away from Shane Helms. But Booker T retained his WCW Heavyweight Championship by pinning Diamond Dallas Page. Page and a band of WCW Superstars later beat on Booker and even on their own chairman, Shane McMahon!
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6/28/01 - Federation allows WCW matches
WCW scored a major victory when Vince McMahon agreed to allow his son's company to host matches on RAW IS WAR and SmackDown! This wild night in MSG also saw WCW Tag Team Champions Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo breakup a Federation tag match, but the tandem paid dearly for their interference. 
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Mike Awesome
Gregory Helms
Mark Jindrak
Stacy Keibler
Billy Kidman
Shane McMahon
Hugh Morrus
Sean O'Haire
Diamond Dallas Page
Chuck Palumbo
Shawn Stasiak
Lance Storm
Booker T
Torrie Wilson