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New Pics & Movie
Shameless Self Promotion
GBA BTT Listings
Unlock Mindy in GBA
More School Glitches
New Wallpaper Download

   Saturday, July 21
New Pics & Movie

Finally the drought has cleared and we've got some more pics to quench our thirst. Check out The Media Project for the new pics. Not only that but we also have some new footage which shows off quite a few new bits and pieces which you can view here or downloaded directly here.

BE WARNED: The clip does have what we assume to be a spoiler for the LA level which some people may not know about yet.

Shameless Self Promotion

This just in from the office of MirraGirl
"I'm here to promote the Planet Tony Hawk official IRC channel. Its called #tonyhawkproskater you can find me, Sairuk, Hammer, Kruegel, and a whole host of other people there... if you need help to find an MIRC client head on over our Java Client to check it out, you can then chat to me here and i will find you the information you need I can answer any question regarding this. Remember, MIRC = REAL chat, better than AIM.. Check it out, and if you have any questions, private message me. I'm there for you (proving that I'm good for something here!!! =)"
I think we should all follow up on that, come in for a chat and hang out, also visit #modcentral while your there and discuss skinning with the best of the best.

   Friday, July 20
GBA BTT Listings

Slowly I'm getting through all the GBA stuff. Today I've finished the basic pages for the GBA BTT Listings. There's still a number of holes, but that should be fixed up shortly.

The most significant addition is the inclusion of Lines. These are very difficult at times - try them out! Sure, I don't have that many descriptions of lines yet, but see if you can find them....even harder than landing some of them! A Line is a long string of moves covering the entire stage. For instance, in Marseille there are 2. One requires you to wallride and do the Dumpster Stomp, then grind a couple of rails, finishing all the way on the other section of the stage.

Good luck! I'll be filling in the rest soon.

   Thursday, July 19
Unlock Mindy in GBA

GameBoy Advance Codes keep coming in it seems. I have a feeling this must be the final one...Just revealed, a code to unlock Mindy. Of course this was already available through another code, but this one just unlocks her. This brings the code total to 11 for the GBA. I love this game!

Oh, and the BTT listing is in progress...the Level Guides are mostly complete by now.

   Tuesday, July 17
More School Glitches

This level has a few weird glitches. I am unsure if any toying has been done w/ the levels in this replay, but it's a PC Replay worth seeing...Of course I wouldn't post it if it weren't.

On occasion, after replacing a level (read the PC Page for instructions) you can get very odd results. Not sure if that's the case here.

   Monday, July 16
New Wallpaper Download

Brad Custer of Inside Mac Games wrote in telling us of a new Wallpaper he created! Anyone who owns the Mac version may have seen the 5 exclusive desktops that were included on the disc (I haven't!). Well, Brad's the guy who made them. Anyways, he has his own section on the site called Custer's Desktops and this time around he's made a wallpaper for THPS 2. This wallpaper, in all 9 different sizes can be found here!

   Friday, July 13
New Cursor Downloads

Another addition to our silly Icons & Cursors page is a submission by the world renowed the noremac! There's some examples to the left, as well as the Neversoft Eye Beam! I know, useless - but I don't care...might as well post 'em!

   Thursday, July 12
N64 THPS 2 Update

The folks over at IGN64 have some new details about the N64 version of THPS 2. The article has a couple of new movies, new snaps as well as some interesting details.

There will be a shortened soundtrack, consisting of 6 full songs, complete w/ vocals. Hmmm...that's not bad considering the cartridge format forced them to have all shortened versions last time around. The game will also have all the features from the other console versions, park editor, character editor, 2 player modes etc.

Another interesting news bit is that the N64 port should have one thing that the original console versions didn't. An extra stage should be appearing as a bonus. We're not sure what it'll be, perhaps a THPS stage, the hidden level from the GBA port, who knows! It is still set for a September release last we heard.

GBA Jetpack Mode

This was posted the other day to some of the sites, and I somehow missed it. The GBA Codes page has been updated w/ the jetpack mode code. This acts just like the console versions, and is pretty cool to just fly around...

   Wednesday, July 11
Hoverboard Mod for THPS2 PC

Over at Mod Central theres a killah new mod by Mr Decay namely "The Hoverboard" very nice mod but only applies to tony at this point head on over Mod Central and check it out.
THPS Animated Cursor

An interesting update today. Carlos Becerra has submitted an animated icon for windows. It's based on Tony Hawk, and can be found in the Icons & Cursors section. Of course, this section didn't exist until today, so this is the only entry. I couldn't think of another place to put it!

   Tuesday, July 10
GBA Level Guides


I've worked on the GBA Level Guides but have yet to complete them. Lack of time coupled with my terrible battery pack dying every 3 days have left me discouraged. So, I've written up portions of the guides, but have not yet completed them. If you have any useful additions, please let me know. With your help we can complete them.

In the next month, I'm going to be moving, and so there may be some downtime. We've got sairuk getting himself hitched too, so he will be 'busy' as well. I can still update the pages from work, so I don't expect drastic changes...We've successfully had daily updates almost consistently over the past few months. I can't see that changing.

   Monday, July 9
Count the Glitches

Remote Green sent in a PC Replay showing off a number of glitches in the School II stage. In fact, it's got almost every one we know of in one run. The bounce effect, the instant air, some weird rail grind ones, etc. A quick download, and interesting view. Most of these glitches are still mysterious to us...don't quite know how and why they happen.

   Saturday, July 7
Jed's Videos: 2 New Combos

Jed's Videos has 2 new movies, this time of the Bullring and Chopper Drop. These are the first movies from these levels, which leaves Skate Heaven as the only one w/out a combo vid. Looks like Jed will be taking some time off soon - if he can get away that is. I should have a video capture card soon though, so I'm hoping to have some other videos on the pages in the coming months. We'll see though.
Vicarious Visions Interview @ Gamespy

The folks over at GameSpy recently interviewed the Chairman & CEO of Vicarious Visions. VV is the company responsible for the excellent translation of THPS 2 to the GBA. The interview covers development issues and the company's future plans.

   Friday, July 6
Mod Central Redesign!

Wow! The folks over at our hosted site Mod Central have outdone themselves. This new redesign took me a few seconds to absorb - but I love it now! The pages are nice and slick, and of course having hundreds and hundreds of downloads helps out a bit! Everything about it looks good IMO - so we here at PTH command you to check it out. Kruegel and Hammer worked hard, and did a great job. Rock on guys!
Hawk Interview at UGO

There's a new, and rather silly, interview w/ Tony Hawk over at UGO. In this short interview, it seems that Hawk speaks less than the interviewer who proclaims, "I once plucked the eyes from the corpse of a 6-year old girl and placed them in the mouth of one of my victims." Don't quite see how that fits in w/ skating, but it's an interesting read nonetheless.
Christian Review

We've come across a new and interesting review of THPS 2. Over at Christian Answers, they recently Reviewed THPS 2. Not only that, but it's a special review, a Father/Son review.

We recommend this read, especially for the following:

"It all plays off the image of skater as rebel (not necessary!) and leads to my score of 3 in the Christian/Moral perspective rating."
Can you believe it? Only a 3 on the moral scale. In any event, check it out and let them know what you think!

   Thursday, July 5
The finer things in life

Over on the Official THPS Forum the Pouncer let wind of few of the more subtle things to go into THPS3 that are helping it seem a little more 'real'.
Well, the things that I really enjoy are the really subtle things. Like, when you skate over slightly uneven ground, the skater kinda adjusts with his legs, and keeps his torso balanced. There's one section where you see it really well. Or, like, if you're skating along the deck of a halfpipe, with the flatbottom below you to the right, and you kinda "angle in", it looks...well...*right*. In the old games, you'd kinda snap to the game, and the camera would get behind you, which is now way up in the air looking down. In THPS3, the camera comes down over the coping, and stays more level with you, and you can see that the skater actually PUMP the transition as he comes down.

Basically, I wouldn't call myself a skater, but I do skate sometimes, and I can appreciate that THPS3 looks a lot more like someone actually skating, ya know?

As far as cool stuff I've done, yeah, there are a few things that I got a chuckle out of. They're still in there. Mostly I'm just proud of the level of interactivity. The people in the game really respond to you in an intelligent way, and I'm glad my pedestrians are up to the same level as the other designers' guys. I'd hate to be the weakest link...

You just have to love the attention to detail. These guys are willing to do the hard yards to bring you the best game you could possibly ask for. Brilliant stuff.

   Monday, July 2
New Poll

Today's poll asks about the upcoming N64 version of THPS 2. I'll tell you what....if they didn't cancel this in the first place, I'd say it had a very good chance at selling a good number of copies. However, every other system had, oh, a 9 month head start or so.

The N64 version is scheduled for a September release last I checked. That's 2 months before THPS 2X on the Xbox and the big one THPS 3 on the PS2 (on other platforms later of course). Coupled with the fact that N64 cartridges cost so much more - do you plan on getting it? Let us know.

Every character, every game, every move.
What fun is Tony Hawk without cheat codes?
Chat about Tony Hawk in our new forums.
Plan on getting N64 THPS 2?
Can't Wait!
No Way!

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