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" The mother of the stars, the parent of seasons, and the mistress of all the world." Lucius Apuleius

Dedication & Salutation

In Service to Shiva, the omniscient, All That Is.

I bow in deep gratitude to my guru Muktananda and his guru Bhagwan Nityananda for the inestimable gift of Shaktipat, to Shri Ramana Maharshi for a life-altering glimpse of the truth, and to the beneficent Goddess Quan Yin and Isis for their loving guidance and care. All have guided my path with love, have given me all I needed including the power to understand the truth and the chance to return my gratitude to them by giving now to others.

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Here you will find metaphysical, spiritual and multidimensional topics.
I recognize myself today in this place as a multidimensional being,
instrumental in healing this dear planetary body called Gaia.
Please roam and explore the articles I have
compiled here or use the Site Search below. ALOHA!

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