Senator Spencer Abraham

11-08-00 7 AM News Alert:
It Looks Like Michigan Inventors WON 

Stabenow Ousts Abraham By Narrow Margin

The Stabenow-Abraham race is a perfect example of how a small but committed group, namely Michigan's Inventor-Entrepreneurs, can have a big influence on a political race's outcome. And it demonstrates to those legislators who may be tempted to take big business money for what they consider an obscure issue that there are consequences ! ! !

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The Senator is getting desperate.  In spite of spending big bucks on advertisements attacking soon to be Senator Debbie Stabenow, Abraham has steadily lost ground.  As people learn more about his lackluster performance over the last six years, notable only for the fact that he sells out to the highest multinational bidder, the numbers are sure to increasingly favor Debbie Stabenow. 

In fact, after Abraham did his best to abridge political speech such as this site he has now stooped to creating and in the process come under fire for infringing the Little Debbie trademark.  Abraham has demonstrated with his blatant copying of the Little Debbie trademark once again that he just does not understand the value of intellectual property.  But after Abraham's sell out on patent reform America's inventors already knew that a combination of personal greed and ignorance of these issues is the norm for him and his staff.

Senator Abraham constantly harps about liberal versus conservative, but that is not the real issue in this race. The issue is ethics and representing Michigan's voters best interests. Abraham has demonstrated a profound ignorance of what it means to be ethical.

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