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 Welcome to PlanetDrakan!

PlanetDrakan is the place for the Drakan community to call home. Talk to other Drakan players in the PlanetDrakan forums, or check out our game information, which has everything you need to know about the game engine, the enemies, the story line, and more.

 Drakan Community News

The community is still making plenty of levels for your favorite game. Why not head over to our levels section and check out something new to play on!

We have another new SP level, an ongoing works by Zeoc. Levels one and two are completed, and three is in the works with a planned total of 14 levels. Its called Journey to Azenera and you can download it from the levels section.

 Drakan Files

 PlanetDrakan Game Info

For complete information bout Drakan, check out the links to the left. There's also useful information scattered around our network -- here's where you can find it.
  • Drakan Cheats
    CheatingPlanet has all the cheats and codes you're looking for for Drakan, so check them out!

  • Drakan Game Profile
    The GameSpy Network's Drakan game profile has links to reviews, official sites, and more.

  • Surreal Software
    Find out about the developer behind the game.

 PlanetDrakan Forums