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Following the Parole Board's decision to direct the release of Thompson and Venables, this section of the website has had almost 50,000 hits per week. Many hundreds of people have emailed me their comments - two people issued death threats against me.

I cannot answer every email I get, simply due to the time this would take me. However, several questions appear in numerous emails sent to me, and so I answer them here. If you have any other questions that are not answered, or if you simply want to tell me what you think, feel free to send me an

The question is reproduced here in
yellow, with my response in white.


Would I be happy living next door to Thompson and Venables now that they have been released?

The short answer is a resounding "yes". But the question isn't as simple as that. First of all, they will not be living together - their life licence forbids them from making contact with one another. Second, they will not be living in, for example, a terraced house with people all around them. And thirdly, whilst Britain has a criminal justice system with many faults, one thing we are good at is rehabilitating young people through the secure accommodation system.

Would I be happy for one of them to marry my daughter?

Well, I don't have kids, but again, yes I would. I would like to think that any child I raised would be balanced enough to make their own judgment in such a situation.

How can I feel no remorse for James' mother?

I do have remorse for her, and I make that clear throughout the website. I can imagine nothing worse than having to bury one of your own children. But no matter how difficult it is, she needs to move on - and selling interview after interview to the gutter press is hardly the mark of someone trying to rebuild her life!

The comment: "Once a murderer, always a murderer".

Less than half of one per-cent of all people convicted of murder will commit a further murder / homicide offence. As many as seventy per-cent of convicted burglars will commit a further burglary. We need to get this into perspective!

The comment: "Thompson and Venables are inherently evil."

I have yet to meet, hear or read of a psychologist or forensic expert who believes that a child can be 'inherently' evil. And anyway, what is evil? How can 'evility' be measured?

The comment: "The Parole Board have had the wool pulled over their eyes."

The Parole Board is made up of professionals working in the criminal justice arena, including social workers, judges, psychologists, psychiatrists, criminologists, probation officers and police. Collectively they make thousands of decisions a year on releasing offenders, very few of which make the news. They are often criticised for being too harsh in their decisions. Yet their 'success rate' (measured by the number of paroled offenders who reoffend) is superb and virtually unmatched anywhere else in the world.

The comment: "These two should have been executed".

This comment appears to come from people in the US rather than the UK. I am proud of the fact that Britain is a nation with respect for human rights and that we do not have such a barbaric sentence. To those people wo think they should have been executed, I say this: Stand back and think. Can you really justify the execution of a ten year old?

"Denise [James' mother] got 7500 compensation. It's cost 5 million to care for Thompson and Venables. Where's the justice in that?"

There is a danger in mixing two separate issues. I believe that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme needs reforming, in order that more realistic sums can be paid out. Yes, perhaps Denise should have got more than she did. But as a responsible society, we have a duty to try and turn around these two young mens lives and make them responsible citizens. It's worth every penny. Had we not attempted to rehabilitate Thompson and Venables, Denise wouldn't have got any more money!

What about James' human rights?

James' human rights were cruelly violated and his life taken away. That doesn't mean that it's right to violate the human rights of the perpetrators of the offence! Two wrongs don't make a right.

"I believe in an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

And as Ghandi said, if we all believed in that, we'd all be blind and toothless.

"If Thompson and Venables are murdered, the Parole Board are to blame."

No! If Thompson and Venables are murdered, the killer is to blame, and should face justice. But I do hope reason will prevail and the mob currently baying for blood will calm down and see sense.

I feel that once these two heinous monsters are found they should be given a very slow and painful death. I suggest putting them in an electric chair and very slowly turning the juice up from the bottom to the top at 2min. intervals for 30 seconds each time so that they will understand the meaning of pain and hurt.

My response: "Thank you for such a considered and useful comment."

What's the difference between these two killers and Myra Hindley?

First, Myra Hindley was an adult at the time of her offence.  Second, Myra Hindley was partly responsible for the murder of several children, not just one. And, for the record, yes I do think she should be released. She was sentenced to thirty years in prison in the 1960's, and is still in prison today. Her psychiatric reports give a similar account of remorse and rehabilitation as did those for Thompson and Venables.

When I came to your website,I found a poorly written badly assembled site sprouting little else than drivle that gives no clear or concise facts or evidence to back up its argument. It seems that the only real reason for this site to exist is to allow its creator his bit in the lime light.  How pitiful and pathetic it is that you have used a baby and his horrific death to meet your own woeful need for attention. I will visit this site in the future.  Hopefully by then you will have some sort of believable case and a genuine reason for this site to exist.  You may like to try doing something worthy of our attention rather than trying to spot light yourself using the pain and misery of others.

Again, thank you for such a kind comment. I don't seek the limelight. I seek the truth. And this is the first email I've ever had criticising the look of the site!

This page will be updated as and when other popular questions / comments are made.