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As of May 2, 2001, the TV Query has been updated to provide additional information.
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W51BH         VA  GLOUCESTER                     USA                                                     

  Service Designation: TX  Translator (Retransmitting) Facility or Application

  Channel 51  Licensed                                          
  File No.: BLTT  -19960116JB      Facility ID No: 38235     
  CDBS Application ID No.: 218610    

  37 ° 17' 9.000"  Latitude                   Zone:  
  76 ° 30' 51.00"  Longitude (NAD27)          Frequency Offset: + (plus)  

                                  Polarization: Horizontally Polarized (H)
  Effective Radiated Power (ERP):              8.00  kW ERP
  Ant. Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT):          meters HAAT   
  Ant. Radiation Center Above Mean Sea Level:  157.0 meters RCAMSL
  Ant. Radiation Center Above Ground Level:     146. meters RCAGL

  Not directional            
  Not in a Border Zone

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