Oracle 9iAS runs on Orion!
This is truly huge news. Oracle's newest J2EE container - called OC4J - runs purely on Orion code licensed from Ironflare. A great validation of the quality of Orion's code. [See also CNet »]

Orion 1.5.1 Out
IronFlare launched OrionServer 1.5.1 today - mainly a maintenance release fixing a few obscure bugs. See the changes and update your copy!

Atlassian Opens Its Doors
Atlassian announced it's knowledge base today - currently in private beta testing. The aim is to provide a support service to all Orion users, indexing and reviewing all Orion support resources on the net in one central location.

OrionSupport Mirrored
OrionSupport, one of the most valuable Orion support resources, is now mirrored in 4 countries. Hopefully that means an end to the downtime problems of late!

Orion 1.4.8 Released
IronFlare today released the much anticipated upgrade to OrionServer 1.4.8. A long time coming this version fixes a number of annoying outstanding bugs - to update your install, autoupdate!

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Atlassian is a professional services company providing support for Enterprise Java (J2EE) software and in particular the Orion J2EE Server from IronFlare.

Getting started with Orion and J2EE? Atlassian now provides free Orion installation support - email us to try it out!

Atlassian offers a variety of support options for J2EE and Orion specific issues. Contact us for more information.

Knowledge Base
The Atlassian knowlege base is the most comprehensive database of searchable Orion documentation, tutorials and support information.

A few of the key searchable resources are:

Whatever you're looking for, if it's been written about Orion, we have it!

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