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Left to Right: Chad States, Dave Schneider, Josh Warren, and Matt Steinke.

Satisfact Discography: The Unwanted Sound Of... LP/CD (Up Records, 1996)
Life Abroad b/w Cup to the Wall 7" (K IPU 72, 1996)
Satisfact LP/CD (KLP 65, 1997)
The Third Meeting at the Third Counter (KLP 88/Deluxe, 1999)

"With efficiency and skill [Satisfact] composed albums firmly rooted in the post-punk atmospherics of yester-year while remaining relevant and undeniably contemporary." -- Skyscraper #6 Summer 1999

Satisfact has broken up. This is what the members are doing now:

Matt is working on a portable recording studio, while also creating drumming robots, hand held theremins and other Octant (TM) gadgets, along with playing for Octant (on Up records) and Mocket (on Kill Rock Stars)

Josh and Chad have formed a new band called fcs north (pronounced focus north), that is actively playing in Seattle as of late. They also have a record out soon. (updated sept. 12th 1999) Check out their website at

Left to Right, top row: Phil Ek (Matt and Dave in the back); Seth (playing violin, and also of Red Stars Theory); Serena (playing cello) and Seth; Phil again.
Phil Ek is an engineer at Avast!, recording the album for Satisfact.