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Ellen Hancock
"Someone said to me, 'A CEO shouldn't be watching the stock every day.' And I said..."

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Hancock full interview (audio & transcript)
An interview with Ellen Hancock, CEO of Exodus Communications.
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What's the next big thing?
TV clip: Exodus CEO Ellen Hancock predicts the next big thing.

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Tongue studs and workplace buzz
TV clip: Exodus CEO Ellen Hancock on tongue studs and workplace buzz.

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Does gender play a role?
TV clip: Exodus CEO Ellen Hancock on the role of gender.

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Speed and consequence
TV clip: Exodus CEO Ellen Hancock on speed and consequence.

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A growth company with little risk
TV clip: Exodus CEO Ellen Hancock on a growth company with little risk.

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Total devotion to data
TV clip: Exodus CEO Ellen Hancock on total devotion to data.

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