Homewood Musical Instrument Company Anglo Concertina   $850.00

HMIC Anglo concertinas are built from stock Stagi 30 button c/g anglo concertinas.   Each instrument has a custom action as described below and has each reed retuned and reset to my satisfaction.  Each instrument has a five year warranty on the reeds and action.

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Homewood Musical upgrade anglo concertina

Remove the six screws securing the ends from a standard w-15 concertina.
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pull the ends away to expose the reeds remove the small woodscrews to access the action
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slide the buttons off the pad arms. 3/16 solid brass rod; 7/32 brass tubing; 1/4 aluminum tubing are used to build the buttons and bushings
mvc-017s.jpg (43967 bytes) mvc-019s.jpg (34345 bytes)
place the action back into the ends and decide on a button length Transfer the measurement to the solid brass rod.
mvc-020s.jpg (30089 bytes)
round off the brass stock for the button top
mvc-021s.jpg (33419 bytes) mvc-022s.jpg (27237 bytes)
cut the button off  with a small hacksaw. burnish the back end of the button and round over a small .004 burr on the button end.  I use a steel jewlers anvil for burnishing.  The burr will keep the button from passing back though the bushing
mvc-023s.jpg (31115 bytes) mvc-024s.jpg (36319 bytes)
completed button, round on one end; burred and burnished on the other jig for cutting the bushings.  The  bushings are made of two concentric round tubes.  The outside diameter should be about the same as the stock holes in the concertina end and the inside diameter should be .002 larger that that of the button stock.
mvc-025s.jpg (28314 bytes) mvc-026s.jpg (27245 bytes)
topside of button backside showing bushing and button.  There is a .002 clearance in the button bushing assembly.  The .004 burr prevents the button from rising up through the bushing.  I secure the bushings in the wood with a cyanoacrylate glue.

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