To Chief Librarians:
This electronic information sheet is being distributed to all Regional
Librarians and members of the Automation Working Group.

Please distribute this to staff and boards.  Thanks.


T H E   D I S S E M I N A T O R                                1.2
January 7, 1994


Editor's Note:  I have just been informed that a Nova Scotia Regional
Libraries Newsletter produced in 1971 and 1972 was also called The
Disseminator!!  Coincidence?  Or Vulcan Mind-meld? Please note that I
am available for functions and parties to perform my newfound psychic
Sue Dirani - "Clairvoyant to the Stars".


Marion Pape will be away from the office from January 19-26 inclusive. 
While she is away she hopes to tour the Calgary Public School Board
MultiLIS/MEDIANET application.  This software will allow Education
Media Services to mount their film/video database on the Provincial
Library system and will incorporate booking needs.

Department of Education Staffing Changes

By now you may know that Bob Moody has been appointed as Deputy
Minister of the Department of Education.  Congratulations to him for
this significant accomplishment.  John Levangie has had his long term
disability term extended until April.  Wayne Doggett's term as Acting
Executive Director, Policy Branch has been extended until February 28,

Regional Libraries Funding Formula Review Report

The Regional Libraries Funding Formula Review Committee submitted
its report to the Deputy Minister just before Christmas.  There will be
further discussions with the Deputy Minister in the coming weeks in
terms of next stages of a consultation process and action plan.  More
information will be forthcoming as soon as arrangements have been

Automation Update

The database load has been completed and the entire database is now
searchable on the OPAC.  As with any technological improvement, it is
not without its problems.  Although multiLIS staff did a super job of the
conversion, there remain many "funny things" that will have to be
corrected. All the years when we did not proof read the Utlas inputting
is now seen before your very eyes!  Technical Services staff and Susan
Barnes are working out procedures for you in the regions to report
problems you find as you are searching and for our staff to correct
problems on an ongoing basis.

Now that the holidays are over we will be working again with NSTN
doing what is necessary to complete the e-mail conversion to PCEudora.

We have a student from the Atlantic Computer Institute doing an 8 week
work experience session with us.  Gerald started on January 4 and will
be here until the end of February.  He will be gaining experience on our
network and helping us make some changes to our LAN configuration
that we have been wanting to do.  He will also be working with User
Services in doing some script work for ILL and working on some staff
training sessions.

Strategic Planning for N.S. Regional Libraries

Marion Pape, Donna Bourne-Tyson and Andrea John are preparing for
the next event in the Strategic Planning process.  On January 14, at the
Dartmouth Regional Library, the Planning Team members will come
together as they did in Truro last spring, to discuss the issues and
possible solutions identified to date, and to develop a plan of do-able
actions which will become a part of the final strategic plan.

Department of Education Strategic Planning

The Draft Mission and Goals of the Department have been distributed
for comments and each Branch is developing its objectives at the present
time.  The process is moving along quite quickly, and the plan should
soon be in place.  The public consultation process that will be set up
following the release of the plan could provide an excellent opportunity
for library participation.

Technical Services Staff
As many of you already know, Wendy Duff has left NSPL on a leave of
absence to pursue her PhD in Library Science at the University of
Pittsburgh.    While Wendy is away, Donna Bourne-Tyson will be
supervising the day to day acquisitions, cataloguing and processing
activities, database design, and liaising with vendors and suppliers, as
Head of Technical Services.  Betsy Armstrong is assuming over-all
responsibility for Technical Services.

Reference Request Tips

Reference Services staff would like to ask for your assistance in assuring
relevant and timely responses to your patron's needs.  When making a
subject request please note the suggestions below:

1.  Include the source of reference (i.e., where did your patron find the
2.  Provide us with all of the information given by the original requester. 
Such details as the nationality or era of an author or subject provide our
staff with valuable clues for searching.
3.  Indicate the places you have already checked and/or what material
the patron has already seen.  This will prevent us from duplicating your
steps and providing you with information you already have.
4.  Indicate the age or knowledge level of your patron (i.e. for grade six
student, or for medical researcher).
5.  Send a photocopy of any pertinent information supplied by your
patron. A picture can be worth a thousand words.
6.  Take care when transcribing the information.  A misspelled name can
waste valuable time in providing service to you.
7.  Please be selective about what you label an "urgent" or "rush"
request and include a date by which the material is required.  

We understand that this is more time consuming but any detail will help
us to help you.  These suggestions are based on guidelines developed by
the National Library's Reference Division.

Regional Library Statistics

Frank Oram is pleased to report that the Annual Statistics document is on
its way out to the regional libraries this week.  This year we published a
full-length report for the Regional Librarians, and an abridged version
for distribution to trustees and others.  This has saved several hundred
dollars in printing, and we hope the abridged version will meet the needs
of the trustees.  Frank welcomes your comments on the two documents.

Community Access Network

Andrea is continuing her work on the Community Access Network, also
known as the freenet.  She has been making many sales calls to tell
people and organizations what a community network is, and why they
should join.  The Network is still looking for financial support, and is
developing its Business Plan.  Stay tuned each issue for an update on
this!  Also, planning for the Cape Breton freenet is well underway with
the contribution of several Cape Breton librarians including Ian
MacIntosh and Faye Hopkins.

ILL Update

At the ILL conference in September, it was agreed that a chart listing
every region's lending policies would be very helpful.  A preliminary
version of this chart had been distributed in the ILL Survey results
compiled before the conference.  We are still working on the revised
chart; however, to make this chart even more useful, we are hoping to
mount it on NcompasS as well as supplying it in paper form.  This will
probably take a bit longer than originally estimated.  If any library has
revised their lending policies since September (i.e. cds are now available
for ILL), please let Donna Bourne-Tyson or Dale MacMillan know.

User Services Staff
Donna Bourne-Tyson has taken on new responsibilities in the Technical
Services Section and, while she will remain responsible for Interlibrary
Loans, Strategic Planning, and the Summer Reading Program, she will
not be performing Reference duties.  Reference tasks will continue to be
carried out by Carol Morris, Sue Dirani, Frank Oram and Arlene Watts. 
We also have the assistance of Robin Allen, a Library Technician student
from the Nova Scotia Community College, who began her work session
with us on January 4.  She will be with us for three weeks.


That's it for this issue.  Stay tuned . . . .

If you have any questions or comments about the activities
mentioned, please contact the people involved.  Comments about
THE DISSEMINATOR should be directed to Sue Dirani or
Donna Bourne-Tyson.