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What was Sonic 2000?- Sonic 2000 is a new Sonic the Hedgehog related game being headed by Mark Palenik of Drakkon Software. The game will be based on the traditional 2D format instead of the newer 3D format for various reasons. The game is being programed with The Game Factory and development of the game is moving at a steady paced. The game is not yet complete, and won't be completed in the near future, but we are working on it! A "beta" version of the game is currently avalible for download in the download section of the page. The game will be for Win95 operating system. There are currently no plans to port the game to other OS's or to the SEGA Genesis.
This will be updated shortly. Bluntly speaking, the game is being redone in 3D, in DirectX.

The project has been canceled. Visit the message board for further information.

The company is now located at

This just in...
  1. Added old discription by popular demand, even though it's out of date.
  2. Project Canceled
See Update page for the lastest on this information.

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