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WELCOME TO "IT" - INCUNABULA THEORY and the Truth about it. This site exists independently of what we feel is the "hoax" site run by Joe Matheny at which also has material refering to one of our members (Marshall Barnes)and our existence in the early 1990s. We are researchers who have known and studied the Incunabula and Ong's Hat documents since 1991 and are the same "physics research group" that contacted Peter Moon about the basis for the Montauk Project (see our Who We Are page). We have decided that it's time to reveal the truth about the Incunabula, what we know about its origins, what the material itself means, how it can be applied, and how it fits in with other transdimensional projects, since Mr. Matheny has admitted that his action could be viewed as an attempt to "mislead the masses for the amusement of a few", and since our existence has been verified by both Matheny and Moon. So, we stake our claim here where soon, it will be obvious that we are working in the true spirit of the Incunabula 1990/1991 catalog which was to inform the masses that parallel worlds are real. At this time, we feel the sheer weight of scientific data that exists here, compared to other Incunabula sites, proves we are who we claim. And as Todd Rundgren said, "still there's MORE!"

This site exists as a rallying point for those who are tired of the b.s., games, and dead ends that have been associated with "Incunabula/Ong's Hat research". This site will succeed because we will offer what and the others won't, because they can't - true hard information ranging from the origins of the Incunabula data to what it means from a hard science point of view. Most importantly, how that hard science can be used to accomplish what the Incunabula implies - travel to parallel universes.

"The Conspiracy to deny the world all knowledge of the Many Worlds is maintained by both the forces active in the parallel universes - the GFP and PCF both have their reasons for secrecy, evasion, lies, disinformation, distortion and even violence" says 'Emory Cranston' in the catalog. Hmmm, sounds like the current state of affairs to us. We prefer to take the position of his closing statement... "Only INCUNABULA can enlighten you, because only INCUNABULA dares."

So why now? Because of certain events that have transpired that makes the time now: 1. The increased public awareness of and interest in the subject. 2. The dramatic results of experiments that have been conducted over the last six months in secret that have been based on Incunabula and Montauk Project science approaches. 3. The bizarre nature of Joseph Matheny's appearance on Coast To Coast AM where he not only contradicted himself in the interview, but also information from the Incunabula! This and his never ending games, "clues" and so-called "evidence", has made it clear to us that he has no genuine interest in the purpose and mission of the Incunabula or Ong's Hat nor does he understand the physics and its unique and inherently complete nature. While he's pretending to "investigate" other there, we will desiminate here, in rapid order, what the Incunabula 1990/91 catalog means and how to use it to verify the reality of the potential for transuniversal travel, but also the results of our experiments and others, as we work toward that goal. We will not present ideas that are simply dressed-up questions. We are not interested in the cultural effects of "mythology". We will give you the facts and the proof of why they are what we say they are. We will take up where the Incunabula 1990/1991 catalog left off and continue its original mission toward its obvious and logical conclusion.

For the purposes of further discussion with us and yourselves, we are providing a message board. This board is for serious discussion only and we will tolerate no flak from the peanut gallery. Posts that harass, promote garbage, or otherwise fail to live up to the level of discussion that a site of this nature calls for, will be eliminated. This is where those of us who are serious about this subject can gather to learn and progress and know that we are progressing because the data will be clear and free of "maybe this is real, maybe not" stupidity that we've seen elsewhere.

The only question that remains is...


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