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Have game, will travel

Fun on your PDA
Have game, will travel
There is life after the contacts on your PDA. So what better way is there to entertain yourself than to play games on your Palm or Pocket PC? Read on to learn more about the merits of each OS, the best hardware, and the best games out now.

Reviews & features
Casio QV-3500EX
A 3-megapixel digicam that ensures that you'll get the perfect shot.

Future Tech: automated autoroutes
Your car may soon drive itself. We take a look at some of the real-world tests of automated highways and the technology driving these new roads.

Hitachi DVP315U
If you own an analog TV, this handsome player will deliver interlaced video goodness without breaking the bank.

Ruggedized gadgets
If you're the active type or are just tough on your electronics, this is the perfect collection for you. This whole group of gadgets, including cell phones, cameras, and a handheld, is built to take a little bit of a beating.

The dream systems: home theaters for any budget
Looking for a new home theater system? Here's the best gear for three different budgets. Whether you're pinching your pennies or splurging on the very best, we have suggestions on TVs, DVD players, and speakers to fill out your own personal dream system.

First Take: Sony Cyber Shot DSC-S85
The best thing about Sony's new 4.1-megapixel camera is its reasonable price.

MP3s in the car
Replace that CD player in your car with a digital audio system.

Progressive-scan video
If you're wondering what the big deal is about progressive-scan video, then look no further. Home-theater expert Kevin Miller will give you a clear picture of why it should matter to you.

Top 10 must-have gadgets updated
From handhelds to MP3 players, our editors have created a comprehensive list of the coolest gadgets out now.

Not sold in the States: gadgets you can't have
Take a look at some of the coolest (and strangest) gadgets that have yet to reach American shores.

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SiPix SC-2100
This 2-megapixel digicam features a 2X digital zoom lens, USB connectivity, and an exceptionally low price.
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First Take: Minolta Dimage 7
Here's our first look at Minolta's new Dimage 7, a camera with lots of megapixel muscle.

Tech news:
Palm to separate OS business
IBM raises stakes for wireless notebooks

Olympus C-3040 Zoom
In Digital Cameras
Infinity IL100s
In Home Audio
Infinity IL36c
In Home Audio
Pioneer HTZ-55DV
In Home Audio
Sony DVP-S9000ES
In Home Theater
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