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Gnotella Gnotella
exclusive There's no telling what you'll find on this huge peer-to-peer network. Gnotella lets you share your MP3s, video files, and more. It also offers real-time search options and multi-host retrieval tools to help you find the files you're looking for, quickly and easily.

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Today in downloads
updated Is your karma in the dumps? Work for balance, harmony, and music downloads with SongSpy. Version XE introduces a smaller memory footprint and a cleaner interface that helps restore positive energy and music galore.
MP3 to WAV Decoder
new Get your MP3s ready to burn! This free program offers batch conversion, preview features, and more for quick MP3-to-WAV conversion.
Shoutcast Server DNAS
new Tired of the radio? Think you can do better? Shoutcast can get you up, running, and broadcasting live audio content in just a few easy steps.
MP3 Liquid Burn
new Completely rebuilt from the ground up, MP3 Liquid Burn offers superior burning features. Version 3.0 adds a new MP3 loading engine for faster loading, of course, and includes DVD-to-MP3 conversion tools.
Blaze Media Pro
updated This inclusive media player is versatile enough to handle a host of your audio and video needs. Blaze Media Pro's editing, recording, and construction features make it a worthy addition to any file sharer's collection.
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   Most Popular for Audio
Week ending July 29
1.MusicCity Morpheus
2.Audiogalaxy Satellite
3.KaZaa Media Desktop
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Most talked about
Total votes as of July 29
1.Audiogalaxy Satellite
24176 votes
2.MusicCity Morpheus
20348 votes
11816 votes
4.KaZaa Media Desktop
3264 votes
2175 votes

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Living Waterfalls 1.0
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Relax and enjoy the sounds and sights of a beautiful waterfall.
MP3 to Wave Converter
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Convert your MP3 files into WAV files.
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