Real World 10th Anniversary Party
covered by Joanne

On Friday, May 18, 2001, the Real World held a 10th anniversary reunion party at Club Blue in Hollywood, CA. This review will consist of my experience with the Real Worlders. I just want to thank upfront Jon Brennan for making this all possible. Love ya Jon! xoxo

Wednesday, May 16, 2001
The Real Worlders arrive in Los Angeles and arrive at their hotel, The Ritz Carlton of Marina Del Rey. I speak with Jon and try to see if it's possible to get into the photo shoot. At this point, it's not known, but I will find out in the morning. As the cast members check into their hotel, grab a bite to eat, they settle for the night and catch up on some sleep.

Thursday, May 17, 2001
The cast members have a bright and early day ahead of them with the reunion photo shoot. I was told that NO ONE was allowed at the shoot, but I decide to take a drive up to Marina Del Rey (MDR) to take a peek and see if I spot anyone. After an hour's drive, I arrive at the hotel which was absolutely breath taking! (BMP sure knows how to hook em' up!) The photo shoot took up the majority of the day, (longer than anyone expected). This is where the whole controversy of a strike comes into place.

My sources have told me the following:

Basically they got everyone together, one cast at a time, but it took awhile due to high emotions from the strike... (not to mention Mike from Miami brought in two cases of beer). So, people started drinking.. (yeah really professional, these guys want to be taken seriously and want more pay yet they drink during work. Smart) There was a strike before this one that occurred and that it was pretty major. About 60% of all castmembers agreed to this "new" strike. Kevin & Eric from New York, and Mike from London were strong supporters against the strike. Flora started it (big surprise) while everyone caught on during lunch and started signing a petition. Everyone then turned to Norman (NY) to make a statement to MTV which he did, which then caused MTV to get quite upset. They asked for $5000 per castmember or they would walk off and not finish the shoot. Basically they argued back and forth while some like Kevin, Eric and Mike came for the fun of being with everyone and not the money. They didn't care about more money, but Flora who sat and turned to 'bitch mode' wouldn't have any of it until she got her money. Then other's like Julie (N.O.) that argued they were doing it for future Real Worlders. Eventually MTV (who mind again is VERY ANGRY with the kids) agreed to set a meeting with representatives from each cast on future events with the cast. They didn't receive their $5,000 but they got tickets to the Movie Awards and some perdium for the day. So this led to MTV canceling all the press that were to show up to the MTV party in fear of retaliation. Eventually the shoot got going again.. Puck being Puck made some comments to the Seattle cast (since they were right next to each other in the picture) for which Stephen, Nathan and David also shot back words and things got ugly, verbal wise, and emotions were high. Kameelah starting making comments to Puck's mother (who was there with him) for which the mom went off on Kameelah. Puck didn't get kicked out of the party. He wasn't invited after getting kicked from the photo shoot because towards the end he walked up to Steven and went off on him for making some comment about his mother, for which Steven tried his best but eventually went nose to nose with him. Then Kameelah got into it with him backing up Stephen and started shouting LICK MY CL*T to Puck and then called him a nigger and Puck went off on Kameelah for being racist, and that's when it had to be separated. Puck was escorted out by a PA and everything started to slow down and close up. Puck was right though, the kids are stupid. They should finish their work. Their not actors and if they want more money then they should negotiate before they agree to an appearance. I agree with that they deserve money for syndication and products because their appearance is on it, but still there lives are a result of this show and being selected. It was a good amount of closed door style talking. The cast threw out the entire crew while they discussed MTV's replies etc. Well they didn't get paid in the end and in the future who knows? MTV will make an offer I'm sure and if they say no, then okay, at least they are up front and honest about it. MTV was great, they said if they pulled out on the meeting, they'd kick them out of the hotel and that flying them back was on their own dime. Mostly because MTV forked out A SH*T load of money on the shoot, party, press etc. well, not the meeting, but the shoot, if they pulled out on the shoot it was probably high hundred thousand I would guess, but it could be a LOT more knowing MTV. But as far as after parties go there was one I heard back in the hotel but I was pretty drunk when I heard that.

Friday, May 18, 2001
I wake up early morning to a phone call that literally sent my heart sinking down to my feet. Jon Brennan calls me telling me that he has a pass for me to attend the party (which is strictly tight) that I can attend as his date (ok, I guess you can say guest, but I like the "date" concept of it all. I mean, what are the chances that a Real Worlder is gonna call you up and invite you to that kind of a party?) Anyway, after I literally fall out of bed with excitement, I tell him that I'm thrilled to be invited, but that I am not 100% comfortable driving there on my own (it's a 30 min drive), in that section of town (which is not so safe being a woman alone walking around at night). So he tells me he's going to try and pull a few strings and "make some calls" to see if he can find another pass. Half an hour later, I get another phone call, and he tells me Cynthia (Miami) didn't bring a date, so she gave him an extra pass. So with that, I hop in my car, drive again to MDR and pick up the passes at the Ritz. To my astonishment, these were no ordinary passes! These were not some flimsy tickets, not no silly stickers or the kind of pass where you have to safety pin them to your shirt and leaves a small hole. These were VIP passes, laminated and all with a huge cord to wear around your neck! I almost got into a few accidents on the way back home on the freeway cause of all the excitement! So as I'm getting ready, sweet Jon calls to make sure that I got my passes, and tells me when I should arrive so that we could meet. (Ladies, this guy is so thoughtful!) So as my friend Gracie and I arrive, we park our car and walk towards the enterance. With the media and fans everywhere, it was absolute chaos! Fans waiting for their favorite cast members and some fans waiting hours just for 11pm to hit so they can get in (with a price of course!). The lady in charge of the enterance had stopped many people that were trying to get in that way, and all we had to do is flash the pass, and we were let right in with no problems. As we walk down the red carpet with the cameras and lights flashing everywhere, it was a miracle I was able to see anything at all! Behind us were Heather B. (New York), and Glen (Los Angeles) along with his wife and 2 daughters, (and can I say they were adorable!) About 5 feet in front of us were Cynthia (Miami) and Dan (Miami) which were the "news hosts" for the night interviewing every cast member as they arrived. After passing them, we arrive at the front door and who was there to greet us? Teck (Hawaii)! Of course he was chatting with some ladies, but that's typical. After walking in, there was basically one large room that was divided into 3 small rooms separated by sheer curtains. The first room was pretty empty at that point of the night but it consisted of a bar, a few couches and a DJ. Room 2 was the "main" room which had a DJ, dance floor, and a few couches. Room 3 was the food area which at this point in the night, all the cast members were there eating and greeting each other as they walked in. We walked into the food room and met with Jon who was sitting at a table with Judd and Pam (San Francisco) . We introduced ourselves and walked back into the main room because many cast members were arriving and we didn't want to be rude and intrude on their time. As we sat, we observed many cast members walking in. By 9pm they were all just about there. I made my way and introduced myself to the cast members, and told them about tubescan and took a few pictures. With an open bar, there were many people "out of it" and you'll see who was the most wasted a little later on. I will recap every member with a small description and for the cast members that didn't attend, you will know why they weren't there...

Real World 1: New York
Heather B.-Nicely dressed in a Jean pink and blue ensemble, seemed to enjoy herself and got "camera happy" once the camera crews came inside.
Norman-Great guy! Very tall in person. Actually attended the white party convention in Palm Springs with Dan (Miami) the same time I was there. We had a nice conversation.
Julie- Did not attend because she was at the time, due to giving birth to her baby (if she didn't have it already).
Kevin-Very nice. Dressed very professionally and gave me his card. Said he wouldn't mind doing an interview with tubescan. Basically looked pretty much the same.
Becky-I was told that she did attend, but did not see her.
Andre-Looked hot! Cut his hair short and was accompanied by a very tall and attractive woman.
Eric-Was on the quiet side, but I introduced myself and took a picture with him. He was the one who informed me on Julie. Damn he was hot..but short.

Real World 2: Los Angeles
Jon-Love that guy! Very tall in person, slender, hair is now short, and looked absolutely the same with that white cowboy hat on.
Irene-Tiny and sweet. Hair is short and she is very kind.
Aaron- I was told from someone who works for BMP that he wants nothing to do with the Real World and does not attend any functions or anything having to do with the Real World.
Dominick- Dominick came close but he just didn't get there. I was told from someone who works for BMP that he wants nothing to do with the Real World and does not attend any functions or anything having to do with the Real World.
Beth A.- I was told that she did attend but did not see.
Beth S.-I was told she did attend but I did not see. I also heard she looked like a scary 1950's Marylin Monroe with huge bleached hair.
Tami-Did not attend and do not know why.
Glen-Attended with his wife and 2 daughters. Looked like he gained a little weight, and has his hair really short. Almost didn't recognize him.
David- Short man. Didn't talk to him, but he seemed to be having a good time chatting with others.

Real World 3: San Francisco
Rachel-Attended with her husband Sean (Boston). She's real tiny in person. Mostly hung out with Montana (Boston), Pam and Judd. Looks much better now that her bangs grew in since the reunion show.
Corey-The girl looks completely the opposite as she did on TV. She looks amazing. I had to take a double look cause I couldn't recognize her. She's real tall and she must have lost a tremendous amount of weight. She has her hair cropped real short and she was rockin in her outfit. Hung out with Heather B and a few other girls when they got "camera happy".
Puck-Was not allowed to attend because of the situation that happened the day before.
Pam-Grew her hair very long and looks much better than when she was on the show except for the big blue streaks in her hair.
Judd-Looks the same. Nothing changed.
Jo-Cut her hair to almost nothing. Looks great.
Mohammed-Was told he attended, but did not see.

Real World 4: London
Kat-Looked great as a blond. She lightened her hair so now she really looks blonde! Was very nice and introduced me to Sharon. Had a great conversation with the both of them and took a nice picture.
Sharon-Lost a lot a weight and looked absolutely gorgeous. Knows her fashion! Was very friendly and a nice person overall. I really felt comfortable around them.
Lars- Didn't get a chance to speak with him, but we bumped into each other a few times that night. Grew his hair longer and it's a darker shade of brown. Looks real conservative.
Neil-Well, we all know Neil! He'll dress real nice and just when you think his outfit looks presentable, he'll throw you off by wearing big red shoes! Yup, our English man sported a very nice gray suit, silk tie and big red shoes. His hair doesn't seem to be as "big" as it was before, but he's still the same Neil. Had a woman with him (and no it wasn't the same girlfriend from the show). This one was much more attractive.
Jay- He was there but I did not see. I was told that hardly anyone recognized him. I heard that (and it's not official or anything) that some people think he's gay now... seriously. He was with a guy and they seemed hmmmm, inseparable. Though that's just an observation.Mike-- He had to get back home for a racing event right after the photo shoot.
Jacinda-Again wants nothing to do with Real World. Jacinda's agents know to say no to BMP whenever they call (or so I'm told). So much for gratuide.

Real World 5: Miami
Joe-Looks exactly the same. Never changes and actually was delighted to meet me cause we've been talking online for almost 2 years now. He said, "It's nice to finally put a face with a name." So I take that as a compliment.
Flora-Arrived in a very tight and long black leather dress, but later changed into jeans and a shirt. Hung out with Rachel. Shined the big wedding rock on her finger, but her husband Mitch was not around.
Dan- Is the nicest person around. Tall and handsome, witty and charming as always. We chatted about Palm Springs and how we both had a good time while we were there (at the same time).
Melissa-She almost came but again she's borderline with BMP. She really doesn't want anything more to do with Real World. Flora had to drag her to reunion from what I hear.
Sarah-Dresses the same, acts the same, etc, etc... Does this girl dress up for any occasion? Can I say tomboy?!
Cynthia-Great personality and looked spectacular. She grew her hair longer and still sports the long nails. Thanks again for the extra pass!!!
Mike-Drop dead gorgeous! Looks the same..hell, even better if you ask me! Actually his girlfriend that accompanied him to the party, attended beauty school with a friend of mine. What a small world!!! (It's....a small world after all...I won't go there!)

Real World 6: Boston
Syrus-The guy is the absolute bomb!!! We had a nice conversation about his brother, whom I attended high school with. (Yeah it is a small world after all!) He was wondering when tubescan was going to interview him for the site, and I told him that it's hard getting a hold of some cast members. So after giving me his card, I promised to call him to set up an interview for the site.
Jason-Looks pretty much the same except for the hair being a bit longer and lighter. Asked him about "The Private Public" and said he had no idea when it was coming out. He said it's a possibility that it might go straight to video.
Sean-Hung out with his wife Rachel and Montana. Looks the same and was actually very quiet. I guess that's just the kind of guy he is.
Montana-The same. Nothing changed what so ever. She seemed a bit thinner, but maybe it was just being on TV that altered a few pounds.
Elka-Great girl and a delight to be around. More gorgeous in person that on TV, and tall might I add! Rumors are that she and Walter will tie the knot next summer, but that's just what I heard through the grapevine. Very high spirited and just makes you wanna smile when you're around her.
Kameelah-Didn't have a big chance to be around her, but I was able to snap a shot. She was having a grand ol' time, especially when her and Syrus hopped up on this huge block on the dance floor and got their "freak on" for all to see. Believe me, they can get DOWN!
Genesis-Not sure about this to be honest, though her cast said they are surprised that she didn't show up.

Real World 7: Seattle
David-Ladies, all I gotta say was I needed a drool bucket for real! This man is tall, dark and FINE if you ask me. And that deep, Boston accent? Whoa! He grew his hair longer, but to best describe what it looked liked? A brown version of Justin Timberlake's fro...but sexier! All I can say is that I felt like Jello...before it hardens! He seemed quiet, like he almost knew I was going to approach him, but we snapped a shot that I will be forever lucky I did...too bad I hated the way I turned out in the picture.
Nathan-Another cutie-petutie who looks adorable. Kinda hung around the bar part of the night, but basically walked around chit-chatting with many former castmembers.
Stephen-Drunk, drunk, drunk! The boy was completely out of it! He's one wild boy! Dancin', drinkin, and freakin' was his motto for the night. But I gotta tell ya, he has a hell of a body!!!
Irene-As we all know, want's nothing to do with the Real World.
Rebecca-The girl loves to kiss! I simply introduced myself, took a pic with her, and next thing I know, she plants a big one on cheek that is! She's real friendly and she has a calm vibe that's very contagious.
Janet-I heard she wasn't able to show up because of work reasons, but not 100% on it.
Lindsey-Cute as a blond. Tiny little thing. As bubbly as she was on the show. Didn't get a chance to speak with her, but would have enjoyed it.

Real world 8: Hawaii
Amaya-Looks the same except for the hair which was longer. Hung out with a friend of hers that was a non-real worlder. I didn't see her interact with many other castmembers, but I'm sure she did eventually.
Teck-Always flirtin with the ladies. He's blond once again with the long goatee. Great clothes, but I guess it's always great when you work for MTV. Didn't stick around long. I guess he bailed out as soon as he could.
Colin-Wants nothing to do with the show. I'm told by my very valuable source that ..."they are not sure why Colin wants to be so far from it (RW anything) since he labored so hard to be on the show (working at BMP and all). My guess is because of Amaya and they way the relationship came out. Though I hear they keep in touch so it's not hard feelings between them." Nuff said.
Matt-Again wants nothing to do with the show. But my source tells me, "Matt.. well Matt is just a prick and everyone in the office can't say anything good about him so he must hate us and we must hate him. Though I can't say that's for sure or not."
Kaia-Can I say hermit? The girl dresses in all black like she just came back from a funeral, hardly can hold her head up high to say hello to anyone, and didn't speak to a living soul. Why did she even bother coming at all? She just walked around and when more and more people showed up, she just left.
Ruthie-Probably the smallest, 20 something year old I have ever seen in my life! Her legs were the width of my wrist! (And I have small wrists!) But otherwise, she looked great. If I'm not mistaken, she had her twin Sara and older sister Rachel there with her. When the 3 of them got in a picture with Melissa (New Orleans) I swear they looked like quadruplets! And no, Ruthie was not drunk that night!
Justin-Cutie! Dyed his hair dark brown, grew it long and has it bone-straight. Damn, if he wasn't gay, I'd go after him! He's such a character!

Real World 9: New Orleans
David-Ok, this guy is HUGE in person. A little on the short side, but HUGE!!! Yes, he really is the "player" type and I know that for a fact, for he was trying to pick up on me. I snapped a shot of those big, beautiful green eyes, but that's about it. Woo j/k
Kelley-Barbie look a like, but her Ken (Peter) is HOT, HOT, HOT! I'd love to see him in scrubs too! They really look like a cute couple. She mostly hung out with him and Danny outside in the smoking section.
Jamie-OH! What a disappointment! I expected a tall, gorgeous man...and I got a shorty! I was literally shocked when I stood 2 inches taller to a 5'7" Jamie. I met his girlfriend who was very nice, and snapped a shot...even though I had to slump a little. But his dancing is a sight to see!
Danny-I wish I had the opportunity to un-gay him. He's a cute lookin' one! I don't think his boyfriend Paul was there. He was pretty hammered by midnight and I remember talking to him and he was whispering in my ear that some chick was following him everywhere and would never leave him alone..and he's never seen her before. So luckily with my evil ways, I lured the girl in the bathroom and gave him a chance to get away. And it worked! But he certainly flirts a lot when he's drunk!
Matt-My source says,"Not sure about Matt. He was at the photo shoot and he didn't say anything about not attending. Never got around to asking the NOLA cast why he didn't show."
Julie-Blonde again. Has a fine boyfriend...I wonder where she snatched him? They look nice together.
Melissa-Was the character of the night. Everything and everyone she spoke too had some form of a link to humor. She knows how to turn everything funny! She was truly the life of the party.
So basically that's the whole Real World experience for me. They plan on showing the party on MTV soon, that is, if they don't cancel it for some dumb reason. You can also check out pictures of the party on Joe (Miami's) website or go directly here for the party pictures. I want to give my thanks to Jon Brennan for the courtesy he's offered me, the invite to the party, and for being a great friend. I would also like to thank Cynthia (Miami) for giving up her pass, so that I wouldn't go to the party alone. To my friend Gracie who took the majority of the pictures (that will hopefully be posted up soon), and last but not least, my 'source' for being so reliable and helpful throughout the process of the party and the interview. Thanks a million! Until next time, signing off...Joanne

These awards are based on the cast members who attended the party whom I was able to visually see and interact with. People that did not attend are disqualified from being awarded ANY award. These are nothing other than my opinion, so do not take it offensively if your cast member did not win.

Best Dressed

Worst Dressed
David (N.O.)

Best Hair

Best Smile

Most Changed

Most Friendly
Melissa (N.O.)

Most Drunkest
(runner up Danny)

Best Body Female

Best Personality

Worst Personality

Cutest Couple
Kelley & Peter

Best Dancers
Jamie & Melissa

NOTE: These images are copyrighted to 2001 and not for use on ANY other website.

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