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Nuclear Resources

WMD Around the World
A global guide to nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, including information on delivery systems, doctrine, organizations and facilities.
Arms Control
Arms control regimes limiting nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, as well as missiles and other weapons.
High Energy Weapons Archive
The comprehensive guide to nuclear weapons, with the Nuclear Weapons FAQ.
Trinity Atomic Web Site
Nuclear Weapons: History, Technology, and Consequences
The Garwin Archive
Writings by the distinguished weapons designer whose career spans the nuclear era
WMD News
Current and archived news and analysis of world wide special weapons.

Links to dozens of other related websites, along with a comprehensive search engine indexing their content in one convenient location.
Special Weapons Primer
Introduction to special weapons [nuclear biological, chemical and missiles].
Hot Topics in WMD alt.war.nuclear
USENET discussion forum for nuclear weapons issues.

Space Nuclear Propulsion
A guide to the history and technology of space nuclear propulsion.

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