CAMP promotes Muslim owned businesses and provides a rich network of Muslim professionals for members who need services in a diverse array of industries.

Our network also helps members build careers and find jobs.


CAMP seeks to educate and activate the community on issues of political significance at home and abroad. CAMP organizes activities and lectures, seminars and discussions on political activism to get the membership and the community involved in the political process to better ourselves and our communities at home or abroad.


CAMP organizes community service activities and discussions, lectures and seminars on community needs.

Members work actively with inner-city masjids ,Islamic centers and other Islamic organizations to provide free medical care, clothing, food and other support.

CAMP also addresses issues of families in need, domestic violence and international relief.


CAMP provides its members with opportunities to learn and understand Islam better on an individual and group level. CAMP organizes Quran and Hadith classes, lectures, discussions, and seminars throughout the year with featured speakers and lecturers to give members an opportunity ot learn about Islam and current events in the Islamic world.


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