[A] $100,000 Pyramid
[A] Animal Crack-Ups
[A] Baffle
[A] Beat the Clock
[A] Blank Check
[A] Bzzz
[A] Card Sharks
[A] Child's Play
[A] Concentration
[A] Cross Wits
[A] The Dating Game
[A] Dotto
[A] Face the Music
[A] Family Feud
[A] Figure It Out
[A] Funhouse
[A] Get the Picture
[A] Hollywood Squares
[A] Inquizition
[A] Iron Chef
[A] Make-a-Face
[A] Match Game
[A] Monopoly
[A] The Names the Same
[A] Number Please
[A] Play the Percentages
[A] The Price is Right
[A] Remote Control
[A] Sale of the Century
[A] Scrabble

[A] Split Second
[A] Starcade
[A] Supermarket Sweep
[A] They're Off
[A] Truth or Consequences
[A] We Interrupt This Week
[A] What's My Line?
[A] Wheel of Fortune
[A] Whodunnit?
[A] Window Shopping
[A] Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
[A] Win, Lose, or Draw
[A] The Wizard of Odds
[A] Women Only