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Minnesota and East Bay, USA

Updated 07/10/01
The Bert Record Times

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Urban Hillbilly Quartet
on tour
new CD, "Hot and Now", is now available!
Cave Music
Announcing, Cave Music IV: Mandatory Helmets!
Lees Liquor Bar 7/20, Turf Club 7/26
on tour
Videos + mp3's online
Todd Newman: Our College Station Then, now on mp3
The World According to Dave (Polaschek)
22-Dec-2000, Bert is Good
Bill Patten
7/14, 7/28, 8/10, 8/24, 9/7, 9/21 @ Dusty's, Mpls.


Attn MP3 and Real Audio fans:
New: 3.0 MB"Fine Artiste Blues" from Mill City Blue Blowers, by Art Carnage: jug band (per special request)
3.6MB "Our College Station Then" from KEWI 1440, by Todd Newman:pop
1.7MB "We All Can Sing Like Elvis" from Abducted, by Cave Music:rock 'n roll
Real audio of all of Dan Newton's accordion bands! Just click on the album covers.
"Trouble on My Mind" by Skeeter Pete and the Sullivan Mountain Boys:bluegrass
"Don't the Light Nearly Blind You (When the Sun Goes Down)" by Skeeter Pete and the Sullivan Mountain Boys
"Skylab" by Manplanet: arena sci fi new wave rock
"Mad Planets" Live from Manplanet.
2.6MB "The Rush and the Pepper" by Guys Can Talk: contra dance.
Minnesota mp3s, as selected by the Dan One, KFAI, 90.3 (support their fund drive!) will get you a player.

NEW: Video:

Manplanet live
Reynold Philipsek the Minneapolis,MN pop star behind the scenes
Benno Nelson formerly of Minneapolis, now of L.A. has posted two short films, Screwdrivers, featuring music by Minneapolis talent, Dylan Hicks, and a video for "City Lights", a new Dylan Hicks song.

Band Page Links:
ManplanetManplanet arena sci fi new wave; Charlie Parka and Jesus Las Vegas accordion, drums and feedback; Todd NewmanTodd Replacements era pop; Guys Can Talk Guys contra dance; The Great Datescapade , The adult pop rock with horns; Steeplejack Steeplejack rock with country influence; Cave Music Cave rock 'n roll; Art Carnage Art contemporary jug band; Auto Body Experience Autohumorous pop; Jeff Carpenter, humorous pop;Bill Patten, contemporary pop; Skeeter Pete & the Sullivan Mountain Boys Skeeter bluegrass Bert Loves All Styles of Music

Dan Newton

Dan appeared on the 10/14/00 "A Prairie Home Companion". Hear Real Audio of this performance here.! Hear Real Audio of upcoming Bert Release "Cocktail Weiners" by Charlie Parka & Jesus Las Vegas here !

Newton schedule

Cave Music

New rock 'n roll for your mp3 player 1.7MB "We All Can Sing Like Elvis" from Abducted

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