NFCB Announces 2001 Golden Reel Award Winners

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters held its 2001 Golden Reel Award Ceremony on March 24, honoring 15 Golden Reel winners, 15 Silver Reel winners, and 16 Special Merit winners for this annual celebration of outstanding and creative uses of the medium for community radio broadcasters, station-based and independent producers.

The Golden Reel Awards have a long tradition in NFCB’s 26-year history. The Golden Reels are given by community radio’s sole national organization, the NFCB, to community radio producers. These are the only general programming awards given to public and community radio.

The awards, presented during the Annual Community Radio Conference, are open to programs broadcast on non-commercial community radio stations from November 1999 to October 2000. The winning entries represent diverse areas and producers such as Blunt Youth Radio Project at WMPG in Portland, Maine, WWOZ in New Orleans, High Plains News Service in Billings, Montana, WBAI in New York City, Latino USA in Austin, TX, WBUR in Boston, and Radio Bilingüe in Salinas, California. NFCB received over 280 entries and required the ears and talents of 54 judges.

According to Carol Pierson, NFCB President, "In a marketplace where competition for listeners is increasing exponentially, these programs make it clear that Community Radio stands with the best. The winning programs are sometimes challenging, sometimes entertaining, frequently moving, and always engaging. Community radio stations and independents are producing and airing work that is on the cutting edge of culture, political thought, and technology. These programs are a reminder of the value and importance of Community Radio."




Golden Reel: Blunt Promo Sampler, The Blunt/Youth Radio Project Promo Production Team, WMPG/Youth Radio Project

Silver Reel: Volunteer Bookkeeping Assistant Wanted, Gwyn Smith, Laura Miller and Lili Dubois, KZYX & Z

Special Merit: Minnesota Public Radio Classical Music Branding Spots, Steve Seel and Jack Allen, Minnesota Public Radio

Special Merit: Fifty Thousand Promo, Coya Silverlake, KRCB




Golden Reel: JazzFest 2000 Brazil 500th Anniversary Features, Pat Patterson, Bill Berry, Katrina Geenen, and Eric Perez, Producers and Damond Jacob, Engineer, WWOZ

Golden Reel: Hotel Milwaukee, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Wisconsin Public Radio

Silver Reel: Armonía—Musica y Naturaleza (Music and Nature), Jesús Echeverría, WRTE

Silver Reel: The Weekly Album Report, Camille Conte, KNBA

Special Merit: Sweet Soul Music & The Southern Dream of Freedom, Dred-Scott Keyes, WBAI




Golden Reel: Alberta Hunter: Timeless Diva, Part 2, Dave Radlauer, Rhythm Productions

Silver Reel: Loose Leaf Book Company, Jonathan Mitchell, Ben Manilla Productions

Special Merit: Rural Voices Radio, Deborah Begel, National Writing Project




Golden Reel: A Shortcut Through the 20th Century, Peter Bochan, WBAI

Silver Reel: French Quarter Festival 2000 Program, Pat Patterson and Bill Berry, Producers, Damond Jacob, Engineer, WWOZ

Special Merit: Looking for the Voodoo, Dee Henry Williams, Black Blues & Beautiful Productions, KFAI




Golden Reel: Musica Latina: Women in Full Voice, Angelica Luevano, Walter Morgan and Michelle Garcia, Latino USA

Silver Reel: Giving Thanks: A Celebration of Fall, Food, and Gratitude 2000, John Birge, Minnesota Public Radio

Special Merit: Sounds Irish, Tom Crann/Minnesota Public Radio--Lyric FM, Public Radio International




Golden Reel: Paso del Norte Drama, Delia Saldivar, Radio Bilingüe

Silver Reel: The Voice in the Wilderness, Jeanne Fisher/WXXI, Public Radio International

Special Merit: What to the American Slave Is the Fourth of July, Dred-Scott Keyes, WBAI

Special Merit: Radio Tales—"Homer’s Odyssey", Winifred Phillips and Winnie Waldron, Generations Productions, National Public Radio




Golden Reel: Learning at the Marshall, Jason Beaubien, WBUR

Silver Reel: The Execution of Young Elk, Matt Martin and Kellia Ramares, KPFA

Special Merit: Pavek Museum, Todd Melby and David Cummings, KFAI




Silver Reel: High School Proms: From Dress Shopping to the Anti-Prom, Selena Juneau, Justin Vogel, and Sarah Margolis-Pineo, WMPG Blunt/Youth Radio Project

Special Merit: Kids Corner with Kathy O’Connell, Robert Drake and Kathy O’Connell, WXPN

Special Merit: Youth Speaks Out, Dan Roberts, KZYX

Special Merit: Rockin Da House, Robert Solorio, Radio Bilingüe




Golden Reel: Balancing Justice in New York’s North Country, Martha Foley, North Country Public Radio

Golden Reel: Our Americas, Mario A. Murillo, WBAI

Special Merit: Vietnam Anniversary Anthology, Rick Fredericksen and Rob Davis, WOI




Golden Reel: MOM-bo, a mom show: When a Baby Dies, Nanci Olesen, Pacifica Radio Network

Golden Reel: Staying Healthy & Surviving: Native American Health Care in the New Century, Eric Whitney, High Plains News

Golden Reel: Mom’s Good Move, Peg and Dan Collison, DC Productions

Silver Reel: In the Navy, David Gilmore and Scott Jones, Outright Radio



Golden Reel: Quentin Crisp Memorial Recording, Brian Deshazor, Producer, Mark Torres, Co-producer, Pacifica Radio Archives

Silver Reel: John Brown Commemoration, Brian Mann, North Country Public Radio




Silver Reel: Meet All Your Fine Friends: The Dew Drop Inn in New Orleans, David Kunian, WWOZ

Special Merit: The Connecticut Experience, John Dankosky, Nancy Cohen, Diane Orson and Tom Verde, Connecticut Public Radio




Golden Reel: Life on the Outside, Dan Collison, DC Productions

Silver Reel: The Malling of America, Barbara Bernstein, Alternative Radio

Silver Reel: Who Were the Torturers? The Betrayal of Sister Dianna Ortiz, María E. Martin, Latino USA

Silver Reel: WHER: 1000 Beautiful Watts, The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva) with Valerie Velardi, National Public Radio

Special Merit: When Terrorism Won in America: How the South—or White Supremacists?—Won the War, Alan Lipke/The "Reality Works" Project, WMNF

Special Merit: What Is an American, Anyway?! Youth Voices on Patriotism and American Identity, Youth Radio Newsroom, Youth Radio

Special Merit: California Indian Radio Project: Honoring Our Grief, Healing the Wounds, Susan Newstead, Northern California Cultural Communications