Research oceanography attracts women and men from diverse backgrounds. They share an excitement in exploring the complexities and challenges of understanding the oceans and other earth systems whether at sea, in the laboratory, or in front of a computer. This website focuses on women at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, who have dedicated their professional lives to academic research and hold positions as researchers, professors, and administrators. Their stories are personal accounts of the motivations and experiences that gave them the drive necessary to reach the pinnacle of their careers. Within Oceanography, and Scripps, there are a multitude of other women involved in areas of science whose jobs are crucial to research. These jobs include ship technicians, lab specialists, research associates, aquarists, divers, and administrators. The future of oceanography will require that our nation's brightest minds apply themselves to issues of global concern, the environment, climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable resources. Certainly this will provide unlimited opportunities for all young people with the interest and aptitude to enter the world of ocean research.

Biological Oceanographers

Lisa Levin 
  Elizabeth Venrick
  Maria Vernet


Miriam Kastner


Catherine Constable 
  Lisa Tauxe 

Marine Biologists

Margo Haygood 
  Mia Tegner

Marine Entomologist

Lanna Cheng

Physical Oceanographers

Teresa Chereskin
  Lynne Talley

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