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FAS Intelligence Resource Program

CIA/NSA CSSG Special Collection Service
"Communiciations Support Group"
11600 Springfield Rd, Beltsville, MD

The CSSG Springfield Road compound is in a cleared area about 200m x 400m, and consists of three buildings, though these aren't visible from publicly accessible areas. The low western building with a dark roof is about 25m x 50m -- this appears to be the reception area. The much taller [4-6 story?] central building with a light roof is about 66m x 75m. The eastern building [4? story] with a dark roof is roughly 66m x 100m, and appears to have extensive loading dock access at its eastern end. To the north of this building lies what appears to be a dome for a satellite communications dish. These buildings are grouped around three sides of a circular pool. To the west of this complex are four parking lots, each about 40m x 100m. This facility is consistent with the description provided in the Baltimore Sun of the joint CIA/NSA Special Communications Service primary location. Since the 8101 Odell facility seems to be a pretty good size telecomm hub, one might presume some association between the two locations, given that CIA Directorate of Administration personnel are known to use State Department communications support as cover when deployed overseas.

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