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Warrenton Station D
State Highway 669
Brandy Station, Culpeper County, VA

Warrenton Station D [Brandy Station] is the primary High Frequency receiver facility for the CIA Office of Communications, and also hosts a variety of satellite communications ground station facilities inside the signature "golf balls" which are the distinctive feature of the facility. As with Station C, the Brandy Station is linked to the master network operations center at Station B through the ubiquitous Lightwave Spectrum Inc. fiber-optic cable, as indicated by the distinctive orange warning signs, which chart the path of this link at regular intervals through rural Virginia and into the suburbs of Washington DC.

The Warrenton Training Center [WTC] is a communications training and support facility of the National Communications System [NCS]. The US Army serves as executive agent for the administration and management of the facilities on behalf of the NCS. Center employees include civilian personnel assigned from various NCS signatory agencies, including the Department of Defense and the Department of State.

Illustrating the types of activity conducted at this facility, in April 1996 the Department of State, Diplomatic Telecommunications Service [3920 Pender Drive, Fairfax Center, VA 22030] announced a requirement for one full period, duplex circuit capable of supporting 64 kbps service. The service was to be between the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) of the United States Department of State, Warrenton Training Center, Station D, Warrenton, Virginia and the MDF of the American Embassy, Singapore, Singapore.

The Warrenton Training Center was first esablished on 01 June 1951 as a Department of Defense Communication Training Activity with the US Army Element designated as the executive agent for administration and management of the center. On 10 June 1973 the center was transferred to teh Department of the Army and redesignated as the US Army Training Group, Warrenton Training Center, under the staff cognizance of the US Army Security Agency, the Army cryptologic service element of the Central Security Service. In consonance with mission realignments, on 01 September 1982 the center reverted to Defense Department control as the Warrenton Training Center with facility management by the Army as executive agent on behalf of the National Communications System.

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