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Latest Music Headlines  July 31, 2001

Putting a price on Net music
Long-awaited round of hearings aims to set ground rules for burgeoning online radio business.

Digital rights company snags patent
ContentGuard receives a patent for a "digital ticket" that lets copyright holders distribute digital content such as music, video, e-books and images.

Net music faces patent squeeze
A recent court decision could make it more expensive for companies including AOL, Microsoft and Amazon to offer streaming audio, music samples and other services over the Net.

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MP3 Insider: File-sharing smackdown
Everyone's talking about the ironic way that the RIAA's chokehold on Napster has sparked a renaissance of file-sharing alternatives. To find out which one is the current champ, we put them through their paces using 18 different band names, to find out once and for all which one works the best right now.

Expert Sound-Off: John Adams of Music Buddha
Many people thought that Napster and heralded the end of the big record companies' influence in our music listening choices. But now it's apparent that these corporations are here to stay, and any digital audio revolution will have to keep that in mind.

Who's really going to shake up Net music?
AOL Time Warner and Bertelsmann are playing an entertaining game of reverse chicken with their Net music strategies. We'll see which company has the guts to run in the opposite direction longer.

Music Features

Digital music: End the holy war
EMusic's CEO says both sides in the Napster dispute need to smell the coffee and seek out the middle ground. Will they listen?

Wireless music: behind the mirage
Lots of companies are talking big about delivering high-quality music to your cell phone sometime in the future. We'd rather talk about the products and services that are (mostly) available today.

Behind the music of CES
Jesse Berney joined the throngs at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in order to sniff out the latest developments in the world of digital music. Learn what stuck out amongst the thousands of products on display at the convention.


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