Radiohead ~ Kid A  I've listened to this so many times. I bought it in Belfast and dubbed it to minidisc and have listened on the sides of mountains, in distant bathrooms and nearby living rooms in the background. This is the eulogy of rock n' roll as we know it, and, for lack of a better word, it is beautiful.
Broadcast ~ The Noise Made by People They get compared to Portishead and Stereolab. The bottom line is... they are BETTER. Possibly the best concert I have seen all year, this certainly stands up as one of the best releases this year. Video and stuff at their website. Dig.
The Sea and Cake ~ Oui


It sounds nice. The Sea and Cake slowly evolves  and gets more gentle AND more ballsy at the same time!?! 
The For Carnation ~ s/t


Doug McCombs, John Herndon, David Pajo, Brian McMahan. Yes, some of the most important players in the 90s inst/rock revolution (Tortoise/Slint). For the first time on a full length LP. Need I say more?
Modest Mouse ~ Moon and Antarctica


What can I say. I heavily questioned whether they were turning for the better or for the worse on The Lonesome Crowded West. But this record is a complete breakthrough and one of my faves of 2000 (also one of the finest concerts I've seen this year.
Califone - the ep!!!


Remember when Red Red Meat opened for Smashing Pumpkins on the Siamese Dream Tour? Tim Rutili has been around and about since then... hanging with his buddies at Perishable - even squeezing in the famed Loftus session w/ other Califone members and members of Rex. While Rutili considers Califone to be the continuation of Red Red Meat... we'll have to listen for ourselves!

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