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"Questions are a burden for others, Answers a Prison for oneself"

Please note that Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape Navigator 4 is required to use this program.

This is a cut-up machine working along similar principles to those used by Burroughs in his own work. To use it you can type in or cut-and-paste your own texts into the virgin areas below and then click on the button to see the results. You can use a single piece of text as well as two if you like for very different results. This is currently "beta" that has been roughly tested. If you have any feedback or encounter any problems let me - be sure to include any details of error messages. I have not yet tested it with Netscape 4, but the code should work. Enjoy!

Select your "dice" value :
Select your "splice" value* :
(* Only needed if using two texts)

If you would like to see a cut-up made by this machine please click here for a unique view of some old news from our agent in the field, FOE4foe.
Alternatively feel free to wander through A Homage to Hassan I Sabbah, an extended cut-up created by Interzone members without the aid of the cut-up machine. For more information on what and why of cut-up see my text "Rub Out The Word"
If you have any problems please e-mail me. I hope to assemble an FAQ shortly that will explain more of about the program and how it works.