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Tom Dyer's family tree

Dyer Family Reunion, June 12 1999

General Information
Tom Dyer's family tree  Leitrim Web Sites
Leitrim and Ireland Maps Leitrim Local History Books
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Leitrim/Cavan Clans 


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Family Photos
My Family  Donelan Family 
Dyer Family  Looking for more photos

Dyer/Dwyer Families
 Trip to Leitrim
Ed Dyer's (my brother) article Ed's new CD
 Curry and Dyer families  Townland Crummy Land Records
 Tom Dyer Naturalizaton 1876 (1 of 2)  Tom Dyer Naturalizaton 1876 (2 of 2)
 U.S Census 1920  U.S Census 1900
 Dyer U.S Census Data  Ireland 1901 Census (townland Crummy, parish Kiltubrid, county Leitrim, Ireland)
 Dyer/Dwyer families in Crummy  City Directories
 St. Mary's parish records  Kiltubrid Parish Records
 Links to Dyer/Dwyer information  Irish Land Records
 Leitrim Local History and Maps  Irish Records/Research 
 Dyer/Dwyer Family Origins   Dyer/Dwyer and related Surnames 
 New Dyer Tree   Olde Tom Dyer's family tree 
 Family Groups   Leitrim Emigrants (Done) 

McDonald and McLean Families
Nova_Scotia Trip (McDonald and McLean families)  Nova Scotia Links 
 Beaton Family from Stellaton, Nova Scotia   
Bob Beaton (Grandmother's cousin)  Keppoch Stories 
Antigonish Heritage Museum   Hector Centre 
 1871 and 1881 Census for Keppoch    Birth, Marriage and Death Records 
 Cassie McDonald's Family Tree 

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